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6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Switching All Yellow Arrhythmia Alarms On or Off
All yellow arrhythmia alarms can be switched on and off together. To do this,
In the
Adjusting the Arrhythmia Alarm Limits
Some arrhythmia alarms have limits which can be individually adjusted:
VTach HR
IHR End Dly
To adjust alarm limits, in the
Select the appropriate setting from the pop-up list.
Arrhythmia Alarm Timeout Periods
Normally, an arrhythmia alarm is announced when an alarm condition is detected. However, there are
certain situations that can inhibit the audible and visible indications of the alarm even though the alarm
condition was detected. These include:
if a more serious alarm condition is active in the same chain
if a timeout period is in effect for a particular alarm
if a timeout period is in effect for a higher alarm in that chain.
See "Arrhythmia Alarm Chaining" on page 137 for more details on alarm chains.
What is a Timeout Period?
Timeout periods are automatically started when a yellow arrhythmia alarm is detected. During this
period, the same alarm condition will not generate another alarm. Alarm conditions further down the
same arrhythmia alarm chain will also not generate an alarm, but alarms further up the chain will: see
"Arrhythmia Alarm Chaining" on page 137.
To view the timeout period configured for your monitor, in the
TimeOut 1st
This setting can only be changed in Configuration Mode.
immediately after the corresponding end alarm was generated.
** HR High
timeout period.
Resetting the Timeout Period
To reset the timeout period, press the Alarms key and then reselect it.
Setup Arrhy
menu, select
All Yellow Off
VTach Run
Vent Rhythm
Setup Arrhy
TimeOut 2nd
alarms do not have a timeout period. These alarms can be generated
** Irregular HR
** HR Low
alarms are configured as standard yellow alarms, they do not have a
All Yellow On
Asystole Thresh.
menu, select the alarm to be adjusted.
Setup Arrhy
Pause Threshold
menu, see the menu items


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