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Easi Ecg Lead Placement - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Pop-up Keys
Setup Leads
Setting Up the 12-Lead ECG
You can make settings that will be stored and used in future as default settings for each 12-Lead ECG
capture made.
Select the HR numerics on the screen to enter
Setup 12 Lead
For a description of the available settings, see "Changing Settings for a Captured 12-Lead ECG" on
page 119.

EASI ECG Lead Placement

Using a standard 5-electrode set in EASI lead placement you can monitor up to 12 standard ECG leads
simultaneously and continuously at the bedside. EASI provides a monitoring method for trending ST
segment changes that can provide an early indication of ischemia.
EASI-derived 12-lead ECGs and their measurements are approximations to conventional 12-lead
ECGs. As the 12-lead ECG derived with EASI is not exactly identical to the 12-lead conventional
ECG obtained from an electrocardiograph, it should not be used for diagnostic interpretations.
Respiratory monitoring is also possible with the EASI placement; respiration is measured between the
I and A electrodes.
Place the electrodes as accurately as possible to obtain the best quality EASI measurements.
When EASI lead placement is selected,
wave on the display, and
EASI Monitoring During INOP Conditions
If one of the derived EASI leads has an INOP condition (for example,
After 10 seconds, the directly acquired EASI AI, AS, or ES lead (depending on which is available) is
displayed with the corresponding lead label. This causes an arrhythmia relearn.
Selecting this pop-up key lets you
remotely lock/unlock the 12-Lead capture at the IntelliVue Information
switch between Standard and EASI lead placement and select the positions
of the chest leads (Va and Vb or Ca and Cb), when using Hexad lead
window opens for you to make the default settings.
is marked on any recorder strips and printouts.
Setup ECG
is shown beside the 1 mV calibration bar on the ECG
Lead Off
), a flat line is displayed.


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