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Downloading Analysis Results (PIIC iX only)
Download analysis results from the IntelliVue Information Center by selecting
to the previous screen by selecting
Reviewing Previewed or Stored 12-Lead Captures
To view 12-Lead captures previewed or stored on the monitor or 12-Lead captures stored at the
IntelliVue Information Center (PIIC iX only), select
12-Lead captures available for the current patient.
The 12-Lead captures in the list may be marked with a symbol, for example an open or closed padlock
to indicate unlocked or locked status or a * to indicate preview status.
Information Center Remote Export (PIIC iX only)
Use the
Information Center Remote Lock/Unlock (PIIC iX only)
Use the
already locked, the
Capture 12-Lead Pop-up Keys
Here is a summary of all the pop-up keys available during the 12-Lead ECG procedure:
Pop-up Keys
Admit Patient
Change View
Capture Waves
Show Waves
Setup 12 Lead
Order (xx)
Enter Order #
Print Report
Store & Send
Review 12 Lead
Show Analysis
Hide Analysis
key to remotely start the 12-Lead export functionality of the IntelliVue Information
key to remotely lock the 12-Lead capture at the IntelliVue Information Center. If it is
key will be displayed.
Selecting this pop-up key lets you
enter the age and gender for the patient, to allow analysis of the 12-Lead
switch between the single column and two-column display of the realtime
wave data.
capture the current ECG waves and open the preview window.
return to the realtime 12-Lead ECG view.
choose settings for filter, gain, display layout, etc.
open the order window from the Information Center (if available) and assign
order numbers to 12-Lead captures.
enter an order number that is stored with the capture and displayed in the
title bar of the pop-up keys.
print a 12-Lead report.
store the captured 12-Lead ECG in the monitor and send it to the
Information Center.
view a list of 12-Lead captures available at the monitor or at the IntelliVue
Information Center, and select one for review.
download analysis results from the IntelliVue Information Center.
remotely export 12-Lead ECG data from the IntelliVue Information Center
to an ECG management system (see the Information Center Instructions for
Use for details).
6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
. You can then select from a list of
Review 12 Lead
Show Analysis
. Return


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