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Selecting Positions Of Va And Vb Chest Leads (for 6-lead Placement); About Ecg Leads - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Selecting Positions of Va and Vb Chest Leads (for
6-lead placement)
6-lead Placement
The two chest leads for the 6-lead placement can be positioned at any two of the V1 to V9 and V3R to
V6R positions. Select the positions you have used in the
correctly labeled.
In the
Select the position used from the list.
6-Lead Placement for Hexad Derived 12-lead
The Hexad ECG lead system uses a 6-lead set connected to four limb electrodes (using Mason-Likar
placement) and two chest electrodes. The algorithm derives the four remaining V-leads to provide a
non-diagnostic 12-lead view, including ECG waves and ST/QT measurements.
The two chest leads for the 6-lead placement for Hexad must be positioned at two of the V1 to V6
positions. The following combinations of positions can be used:
V1 and V3
V1 and V4
V1 and V5
V2 and V4
Select the two leads you have used in the
In the
Select the correct combination of V-lead positions from the list.
Making the selection switches the Hexad derived 12-lead ECG on.
The Hexad derived 12-lead ECG is intended for use with adult patients only. For this reason, the
Hexad (Va,Vb)

About ECG Leads

To make it possible to compare measured ECG signals, the electrodes (or lead sets) are placed in
standardized positions, forming so-called "leads". To obtain ECG signals optimized for use in
diagnosis and patient management in different care environments, different lead sets in varying lead
placements can be used. You can use either standard lead placements or EASI lead placements with
this monitor.
When placing electrodes, choose a flat, non-muscular site where the signal will not be interfered with
by either movement or bones. Correct lead placement is always important for accurate diagnosis.
Especially in the precordial leads, which are close to the heart, QRS morphology can be greatly altered
if an electrode is moved away from its correct location.
menu, select
Setup ECG
Va Lead
Vb Lead
and select the position used from the list.
menu, select
Setup ECG
Hexad (Va,Vb)
selection will not be available in neonatal and pediatric modes.
6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Setup ECG
V2 and V5
V3 and V5
V3 and V6
Setup ECG
menu, so that the chest leads will be


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