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Switching Off or Pausing Alarms From Other Devices
When you select
bedside measurements. When you switch alarms off or pause alarms at the Information Center, both
monitor alarms and alarms from other assigned devices are affected.
Refer to the Information Center Instructions for Use for more details on the Suspend/Pause alarms
behavior of the Information Center.
Using Standby
When you select Standby mode at the monitor, the bedside goes into Standby mode but other assigned
devices may continue monitoring.
Refer to the Information Center Instructions for Use for details on how selecting Standby at the
Information Center affects the monitor and other devices.
ECG Source Tracking at the Information Center
The Information Center continuously checks whether a valid ECG signal is coming from the monitor
or from another assigned device. If you unplug the ECG patient cable from the monitor and plug it
into another device, the Information Center will automatically switch to monitoring the ECG from the
other device. At the monitor, its own ECG measurement will be deactivated and the
will no longer be accessible.
When you unplug the patient cable from the other device and plug it back into the monitor again, the
Information Center will switch back to monitoring the ECG from the monitor. The ECG
measurement will be activated again at the monitor. [Note that in this case, as the screen switches back
to the monitor's own measurements, the SpO
In the same way the source is tracked when a telemetry device is directly connected to a monitor, then
disconnected and vice versa.
In case of ambiguity, a yellow INOP message
ECG source is active.
Synchronized Settings
For some measurements, settings can be synchronized between the monitor and another measurement
device. For example, if ECG is measured at the monitor, and then the patient is connected to a
telemetry device for monitoring, the Information Center will use the monitor settings for the telemetry
device. In general, the following settings will be synchronized:
Heart Rate
Pause Alarms
Alarms Off
HR/Pulse Alarm On/Off, Heart Rate High/Low Limit
ECG On/Off
, Primary Lead, Secondary Lead, Va Lead, Vb Lead, Lead
Analysis Mode, Arrhythmia On/Off, Asystole Threshold, Pause Threshold,
VTach HR, VTach Run, PVCs/min, Vent. Rhythm, SVT HR, SVT Run,
PVCs/min On/Off, Pacer not capture On/Off, Pacer not pace On/Off,
Non-Sustain On/Off, Vent. Rhythm On/Off, Run PVCs On/Off, Pair
PVCs On/Off, Missed Beat On/Off, Pause On/Off, R-on-T PVCs On/
Off, Vent. Bigeminy On/Off, Vent. Trigeminy On/Off, Multiform PVCs
On/Off, Irregular HR On/Off, SVT On/Off, Afib On/Off, Afib/IrrHR
End Threshold, All ECG Alarm INOP mode.
5 Managing Patients and Equipment
at the monitor, the alarms are off or paused for the
T measurement (if present) will no longer be displayed].
!!Check ECG Source
indicates that more than one valid
Setup ECG


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