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Cycle Call And Parameter List - Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Programming Manual

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1.3 Programming cycles

1.3.4 Cycle call and parameter list

The standard cycles use user-defined variables. You
can transfer the defining parameters for the cycles
via the parameter list when the cycle is called.
Cycle calls must always be programmed in a
separate block.
Basic instructions regarding assignment of
standard cycle parameters
The Programming Guide describes the parameter
list of every cycle together with the
• sequence and
• type.
The sequence of the defining parameters must be
Each defining parameter of a cycle is of a specific
data type. The parameter type being used must be
specified when the cycle is called. In the parameter
list, you can transfer
• variables or
• constants.
If variables are transferred in the parameter list, they
must first be defined as such and assigned values in
the calling program. Cycles can be called
• with an incomplete parameter list or
• by leaving out parameters.
If you want to exclude the last transfer parameters
that have to be written in a call, you can prematurely
terminate the parameter list with ")". If you wish to
leave out parameters in between, a comma, "...,
,..." is used as a wildcard.
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