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Refrigerator/Freezer Shelves - Kenmore 795.5185 series Use & Care Manual

Side-by-side refrigerator
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The shelves in your refrigerator and freezer are
adjustable to meet your individual storage needs.
Adjusting the shelves to o t items of diçerent heights
will make o nding the exact item you want easier. Doing
so will also reduce the amount of time the refrigerator
doors are open which will save energy.
IMPORTANT: Do not clean glass shelves with warm
water while they are cold. Shelves may break if exposed
to sudden temperature changes or impact.
NOTE: Glass shelves are heavy. Use special care when
removing them.
Detaching the shelf
Remove all items from the shelf. Lift the front of the shelf
slightly to disengage the rail stops.
Pull the shelf forward about halfway, keeping the front
of the shelf slightly lifted.
Holding the shelf with both hands, tilt the shelf and pull
it out.
Assembling the shelf
Tilt the front of the shelf up and guide the shelf into the
slots at a desired height. Slide the shelf in then lower the
front of the shelf.
CAUTION: Make sure that shelves are level from one
side to the other. Failure to do so may result in the shelf
falling or spilling food.

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