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Limited Lifetime Warranty - Philips MANT950 User Manual

Philips-magnavox in/outdoor pwrd antenna owner's manual


Table of Contents
Connecting to your TV
S S a a f f e e t t y y N N o o t t e e - - T T h h e e p p o o w w e e r r i i n n j j e e c c t t o o r r a a n n d d p p o o w w e e r r s s u u p p p p l l y y i i s s f f o o r r
i i n n d d o o o o r r u u s s e e o o n n l l y y ! !
Alternate connections
1. If your TV has separate inputs for UHF and VHF you will need to
2. If your TV has only two screw type antenna inputs you will need
A note about coaxial cable – Your Mant 950 includes a 20 foot roll of
RG-59 coaxial cable. If you should find that this is not adequate for
your needs we recommend for best possible signal integrity that you
do not extend this cable.A better choice is to replace the cable with
either RG-6 or RG-6 Quad Shield cable. Both of these cables are
designed for minimal signal loss over longer cable runs. This will
ensure the best possible picture and overall performance.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that this product shall be free from
defects in material, workmanship and assembly, under normal use,
in accordance with the specifications and warnings, for as long as
you own this product. This warranty extends only to the original
purchaser of the product, and is not transferable. Defective prod-
ucts, together with the dated proof of purchase, must be returned
to the place of purchase for repair or replacement.THERE ARE NO
OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES. Incidental and consequential
damages are disclaimed where permitted by law. This warranty
gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights
which vary from state to state.
purchase a signal splitter that will separate the two different sig-
to purchase a 75 Ohm to 300 Ohm transformer.


Table of Contents

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