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Connection Of Terminating Resistor - Mitsubishi Electric AJ65SBT2B-64DA User Manual

Digital-analog converter module
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5.3 Connection of Terminating Resistor

The AJ65SBT2B-64DA stores the terminating resister of 110
is no need the external wiring
(1) Precautions
(a) Move the L TER. switch until it clicks.
(b) Make sure that between DA and DB is high resistance (when
the L TER. switch is off) or is 110 (When the L TER. switch is
on) with a tester before wiring the system with CC-Link
dedicated cables.
(c) The built-in terminating resistor cannot be used in the following
cases. Wire a terminating resistor (110 or 130 ).
• A CC-Link system is configured using CC-Link cables of
130 .
• The AJ65SBT2B-64DA may be replaced during data link.
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