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Siemens Schweiz AG
HVAC Products
H1 pump Q15
Alarm output K10
2nd pump speed HC1 Q21
2nd pump speed HC2 Q22
2nd pump speed HCP Q23
Heating circuit pump HCP Q20
H2 pump Q18
System pump Q14
Depending on the selection made, setting of the relay outputs assigns appropriate extra
functions to the basic diagrams. For detailed information, refer to section "Plant
DHW circulating pump Q4
The connected pump serves as a DHW circulating pump.
Operation of the pump can be scheduled as required on operating page "DHW",
operating line "Circulating pump release".
DHW electric immersion heater K6
Using the connected electric immersion heater, the DHW can be heated up according
to operating page "DHW storage tank", operating line "Electric immersion heater".
The electric immersion heater must be equipped with a safety limit thermostat!
Operating line 5060 of the electric immersion heater's operating mode must be
appropriately set.
Collector pump Q5
When using a solar collector, a circulating pump for the collector circuit is required.
Pump H1 Q15
Pump H1 can be used for an additional consumer. Together with an external request
for heat at input H1, it is possible to operate an air heater or similar.
Alarm output K10
The alarm relay signals faults, should they occur.
The relay is energized with a delay of 2 minutes.
When the fault is corrected, that is, when the error message is no longer present, the
relay will be deenergized with no delay.
If the fault cannot immediately be corrected, it is still possible to reset the alarm relay.
This is made on operating page "Faults".
2nd pump speed
This function facilitates the control of a 2-speed heating circuit pump, allowing the
pump ' s capacity to be lowered in reduced mode (e.g. during night setback). In that
case, multifunctional relay QX is used to activate the 2nd pump speed in the following
1st speed
output Q2/Q6/Q20
Heating circuit pump HCP Q20
Pump heating circuit P will be activated.
User Manual
The settings in detail
2nd speed
output Q21/Q22/Q23
Pump state
Part load
Full load
22. November 2006


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