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Pump H1/h2; Pump H1/2; Solar; Charging Controller (dt) - Siemens Albatros2 RVS46 User Manual

Zone controler.
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Circulating pump cycling
Circulaton setpoint

Pump H1/2

H1/H2 excess heat draw
With buffer storage tank
With prim contr/system

Charging controller (dT)

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When the function is activated, the circulating pump is switched on for 10 minutes
within the release time and then switched off again for 20 minutes.
If a sensor is installed in the DHW distribution pipe, the controller will monitor its actual
value during the time the legionella function is performed. The adjusted setpoint must
be maintained at the sensor during the adjusted dwelling time.

6.8 Pump H1/H2

Line no.
Operating line
H1 Excess heat draw
H1 with buffer storage tank
H1 prim contr/system pump
H2 Excess heat draw
H2 with buffer storage tank
H2 prim contr/system pump
Excess heat draw can be triggered by the following functions:
Input H1, H2 or EX2
Storage tank recooling
Excess heat draw from the solid fuel boiler
If excess heat draw is activated, excess heat can be made available to space heating.
This can be adjusted separately for each heating circuit.
Ist ein Pufferspeicher vorhanden, muss hier eingegeben werden, ob der H1/H2-Kreis
aus dem Pufferspeicher gespeist wird oder direkt aus dem Kessel.
When using alternative heat sources, the buffer storage tank temperature is used as a
control criterion for the release of additional heat sources.
It must be selected whether the H1/H2 circuit receives its heat via the primary controller
or with the help of the system pump (depending on the type of plant).

6.9 Solar

Line no.
Operating line
Temp diff on
Temp diff off
Charg temp min DHW st tank
Charging temp min buffer
To charge the DHW storage tank via the heat exchanger, a certain temperature
differential between collector and storage tank is required, and the minimum charging
temperature must be reached.
User Manual
The settings in detail
22. November 2006


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