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Manual control
Setpoint adjustment with
manual control
Chimney sweep function
SLT test
Siemens Schweiz AG
HVAC Products
When manual control is active, the relays are no longer energized and deenergized
according to the control state, but are set to a predefined manual operating state
depending on their function.
The burner relay energized in manual control can be deenergized by the electronic
temperature controller (TR).
After manual control has been activated, a change to the basic display must be made.
There, the maintenance/special mode symbol
Press the Info button to switch to info display "Manual mode", where the setpoint can
be adjusted.
The chimney sweep function is activated by a short press (maximum 3 seconds) on the
chimney sweep button. It produces the operating state required for making flue gas
The SLT test (SLT = safety limit thermostat) is activated by a long press (longer than 3
seconds) on the chimney sweep button. The button must be kept depressed during the
entire test. If released, the test will be aborted. The SLT test is shown on the display.
The test must be made by qualified staff since the boiler temperature will be raised
above the maximum limitations.
User Manual
22. November 2006


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