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Got Restoration Sheets; Got Status Check Sheet - Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 Series User Manual

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12.1 GOT Restoration Sheets

This section provides check sheets for restoration in cases where the GOT does not operate normally.
The following explains how to use each sheet.
■1. When the GOT does not operate or malfunctions (GOT status check sheet)
When the GOT does not operate or malfunctions, identify the cause of the malfunction using the GOT status check
sheet, and take a corrective action.
When the GOT is restored, see the status for a while.
■2. When the wiring needs to be improved (GOT installation status check sheet)
As a result of the above check ■1, the cause of the malfunction or others is thought to be due to the noise generated by
the GOT wiring status, take a corrective action for wiring by using the GOT installation status check sheet.
When the GOT is restored, see the status for a while.
■3. When a corrective action other than the above is required (System configuration check
If a malfunction or others still occurs even after the above checks, fill out the system configuration check sheet with
details about your system, and consult your local Mitsubishi Electric System & Service Co., Ltd.
When sending a faulty product, attach the GOT restoration sheets (GOT status check sheet, GOT installation status
check sheet, and the system configuration check sheet) checked in this section.
Keep copies of the restoration sheets.

GOT status check sheet

Check the GOT starting from ■1. GOT status.
Mark checkboxes that the symptom of your GOT.
Proceed according to the corrective actions.
■1. GOT status
(1) Check of failure frequency, such as the GOT does not operate and an error occurs on the screen
Always occurs.
Occurs sometimes.
(2) Check of the displayed error code (system alarm)
Can be checked.
Cannot be checked.
(3) Check of the POWER LED
Lit in blue.
(GT27, GT25, GT23, and
Lit in orange.
(GT27, GT25, GT23, and
Blinking in orange and blue.
(GT27, GT25, GT23, and
Not lit
12 - 2
12.1 GOT Restoration Sheets
• Frequency:
Example: Once a month
• Error code (system alarm):
Example: 460 Communication unit error
The power is supplied normally.
Screen saving is being performed.
When the read device of the system
information was set, the device was turned
on and the screen was switched to the
forced screen saving status.
A backlight failure has occurred.
The power is not supplied.
If the power is supplied, the GOT hardware
may be faulty.
Proceed to (2).
Take the corrective action for the error code
(system alarm) or error message.
If the status does not change with the corrective
action, proceed to (3).
Proceed to (3).
Proceed to (4).
Check the setting of the read device.
If no problem is found in the setting, proceed to
Proceed to ■5. Faulty product investigation.
If the GOT is not restored, proceed to (4).
Check if the power is supplied. If the GOT is not
restored, proceed to .
■5. Faulty product investigation
Corrective action
Corrective action
Corrective action


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