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Assembling And Adjustments; Mount Wall Mountings And Rail; Mount The Saw Carriage And Saw - Husqvarna WS 440 HF Operator's Manual

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Mount wall mountings and rail

Fit the wall mounting as set out below:
1 Mark off the cutting line and mark off the expander bolts
holes 165 mm (6.5") from the cutting line.
2 Drill 15 mm (5/8") holes for the M12 (1/2") expander bolts.
3 Hang the wall mountings loosely from the expander bolts,
using M6S 12 x 70 (1/2"x2") or similar.
4 Place the rail in the wall mountings and tighten the
compression washers.
For vertical cuts, the rail must be mounted with the saw
carriage lock handle upwards. This to facilitate fitting the
saw unit.
5 Check that the rail is properly aligned with the tracks on
the wall mounts before tightening the screws.
6 Adjust the distance between the cutting line and the wall
mounting. The distance between the edge and the inner
face of the saw cut should be 89 mm (3.5"). Tighten the
expander bolts.
IMPORTANT! Only use the connectors supplied when
purchasing the saw as older connectors are not designed
for the WS 400 series.
8 –

Mount the saw carriage and saw

The saw carriage is mounted on the rail at delivery. The
carriage can be dismounted from the rail by removing the end
stop on the rail and pulling the carriage away.
1 Fit the saw body in the saw carriage by lifting the saw body
into position. When the saw is lifted into position, the
locking handle moves up into an intermediate position. In
this position the saw remains in the saw carriage without
it needing to be held. However, it is not sufficiently secured
to begin cutting.
2 To secure the saw, lift the locking handle towards the saw
until the handle locks.
WARNING! To cut without the saw securely
assembled in the saw carriage and rail is
associated with mortal danger.
Locking the handle
Lock the handle using the pin.


Table of Contents

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