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Fr3 3-lead Ecg Cable For Non-diagnostic Ecg Display - Philips HeartStart FR3 Instructions For Administrators

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WARNING: The CPR meter is not intended for use on SCA victims under
55 lb (25 kg) or 8 years old. If the Infant/Child Key is installed in the FR3, the
CPR meter is disabled. If in doubt about the age or weight of the victim,
perform CPR without using the CPR meter.
The CPR meter displays CPR feedback indicators for depth, release, and rate of
chest compressions. It also provides notification of lack of expected CPR activity
and a stay-clear icon display during FR3 rhythm analysis and shock delivery. In
addition, the FR3 prompts the responder when it detects hyperventilation of the
If a data card is installed, the FR3 records patient data during use of the CPR
meter. The data recorded includes compression waveforms and events and
ventilation waveforms and events.
Directions for using the CPR meter with the FR3 are provided with the CPR
At the discretion of a responder trained in its use, the FR3 3-Lead ECG Cable
("3-Lead Cable") can be connected to the model 861389 FR3 to provide a non-
diagnostic ECG display of the patient's heart rhythm. The cable uses single-use
ECG electrodes compliant with ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000/(R)2010 and indicated
for application in ECG monitoring and/or stress testing. It is available in two
models, one using AAMI label and color conventions, the other using IEC label
and color conventions.
The system is intended for use on a conscious or breathing patient, regardless of
age, for attended patient monitoring. Even if the model 861389 FR3 is configured
for displaying only text in AED mode, the ECG mode is automatically enabled
when the 3-Lead Cable is connected.
The responder can select to display lead vectors I, II, or III via ECG electrodes
that snap onto the lead wires. The displayed ECG data is automatically recorded
on an FR3 data card, if installed in the FR3. The responder can mark specific
events during recording, for subsequent review and analysis.
The 3-Lead Cable is connected to the FR3 via the FR3 pads connector port. The
defibrillator's shock capability is disabled during use of the ECG cable, but the
FR3 continues to evaluate the patient's ECG. If the FR3 detects a potentially
shockable rhythm, it provides a voice prompt to attach defibrillation pads if
Directions for using the 3-Lead Cable with the FR3 are provided with the cable.


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