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European Union Requirements - Hitachi LM-C300S/P Quick Reference Manual

Co2 laser coder
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The Laser Marking System should be installed and operated at prepared facilities and by duly trained
personnel. Due to the considerable risks and hazards associated with the installation and operation of
this device with its built-in laser, the manufacturer must provide appropriate product warning labels and
instructions to ensure safety. HITACHI assumes no responsibility for the compliance of the system into
which the Laser Marking System is installed, other than to supply and/or recommend components
complying with CE standard and European Directives.
Pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 2 and Article 3 of the Machinery Directive, 2006/42/CE, the Machinery
Directive does not apply to this system. Concerning the incorporation of the laser marking system into
equipment that may fall under the definition of Machinery, HITACHI considers the application of the EMC
Directive and Low voltage directive as sufficient evidence that the laser marking system will not
compromise the compliance of the Machinery into which it is incorporated.
The following hazards would be typical for this product when incorporated to intended use:
(a) Risk of injury from lifting or moving the unit
(b) Risk of exposure to hazardous laser energy through unauthorized removal of access panels,
doors, or protective barriers.
(c) Risk of exposure to hazardous laser energy and injury due to failure of personnel to use
proper eye protection and/or failure to adhere to applicable laser safety procedures.
(d) Generation of hazardous air contaminants that may be noxious, toxic, or even fatal.
With respect to instances of electromagnetic interference, HITACHI defines marking variations to be an
unacceptable loss of performance, as long as the following criteria are met: (1) There is no damage to
the marking equipment, or machinery into which it is integrated, (2) The marking variation does not
cause a hazardous or unsafe condition, (3) The marking variation is apparent to the operator, and (4)
Normal operation is recovered after removal the interfering signal.
A report of EU service requirements pertaining to the laser marking system is shown below.
European Union Directives
Applicable Standards / Norms
2004/108/CE, Electromagnetic Compatibility
61000-6-3/A11, Generic Emission.
61000-6-2, Generic immunity
61000-3-2, Harmonic emissions limit.
61000-3-3/A1, Flicker limits.
2006/95/CE, Low Voltage Directive
61010-1 + CORR, General requirements
EN 60825-1, Safety of laser products.
Once a product has met the requirements of all applicable EU directives, it can bear the official
compliance mark of the European Union.