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Hitachi LM-C300S/P Quick Reference Manual page 12

Co2 laser coder
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Direct view of the beam after mirror reflection:
This may occur by directing the beam towards a reflective surface.
Viewing a beam reflected off a flat surface is very dangerous and the same as direct viewing.
Direct view of the beam after focusing:
This occurs if the laser beam is not extinguished with an appropriate absorbent at the end of its useful
path. Viewing the beam is dangerous up to a considerable distance.
Dispersive viewing of the beam after focusing:
This is the most frequent viewing condition during laser system operation. Viewing the beam up close is
dangerous, but appropriate filters and goggles can ensure safety, even during prolonged exposure.
The Optical Risk Nominal Distance (O.R.N.D.) for laser systems of HITACHI can be over 20m for
direct or reflected radiation, and over 1m for Dispersive radiation.
Only goggles with an Optical Density (O.D.) over 4 can momentarily protect the eyes against
accidental viewing of damaging laser radiation.
Always uses goggles with a conformity certificate. Remember that no goggles can
provide prolonged protection from direct radiation
If exposed to intense laser radiation, even briefly, or to less intensity but longer duration, both the cornea
and the retina can be burned and irreparably and permanently damaged.
Direct exposure to focused radiation can burn the skin. In addition, it is necessary to bear in mind that
there may be collateral ultraviolet radiation along with the main radiation. Prolonged exposure may
cause skin cancer.
Enclose the beam path whenever possible. Direct or diffused laser radiation can seriously burn humans
or animals.
U.S. customers should refer to and follow the laser safety precautions in ANSI Z136.1-1993, American
National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers. Procedures listed under the Standard include the appointment
of a Laser Safety Officer, operation of the product in an area of limited access by trained personnel,
servicing of laser system only by trained and authorized personnel, and posting of signs warning of the
potential hazards.
European customers should refer to and follow the laser safety precautions in EN 60825-1, Radiation
Safety of Laser Products, Equipment Classification, Requirements, and User Guide.