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Removal; Initializing The Mcp1 - Yamaha MCP1 Installation Manual

Wall-mount controller for mtx and mrx conference system
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If you need to remove the MCP1, insert a slotted screwdriver into the notches of the side
panel, and twist. The subsequent steps are the reverse of the installation procedure.
When re-installing the MCP1, portions of the screw holes in the mount plate may be deformed and may not
properly fit into the MCP1. If this is the case, use a tool to adjust parts of the screw holes as necessary and
re-install the unit.

Initializing the MCP1

With the unit powered on, perform the following procedure.
In the home page or another page, long-touch (two seconds or longer) the home
page switch.
Move to the utility page.
Touch the [Settings] switch (R1).
After synchronizing with MTX-MRX Editor, it will be necessary to enter the PIN code.
If you have forgotten the PIN code, use MTX-MRX Editor to specify it again.
Touch the [Initialize] switch (L3).
A confirmation screen appears; select Yes. Initialization begins, and the MCP1 automati-
cally restarts.
14 MCP1 Installation Manual



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