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Installation - Yamaha MCP1 Installation Manual

Wall-mount controller for mtx and mrx conference system
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The MCP1 can be installed on a wall in either of two ways: in a gang box that is embedded
behind the wall, or in the included surface mount box which you attach to the surface of the
wall in an exposed position.
Install the MCP1 no more than 2 meters above the floor. When MCP1 falls, it
becomes a cause by which MCP1 is damaged or you or others are injured.
If embedding the unit in a gang box installed behind the wall
Orient the gang box behind the wall in a horizontal position; into the gang box, pass the
cable that is connected to the PSE.
If installing the unit in the included surface mount box exposed on the surface of
the wall
The surface mount box has a cut-out that allows you to open a hole through which to pass the
cable. Open the hole in the cutout as necessary with a tool (such as a plier), pass the cable
into the surface mount box, and secure it using M4.0 flat head screws which you provide.
Attach the mounting plate to the gang box or the surface mount box.
Orient it so that the side printed "TOP" is toward yourself and above.
1- a.
If using a gang box
Align the elongated holes of the mounting place with the screw holes of the gang box,
and secure it in at least two locations.
1- b.
If using a surface mount box
Use the included screws without washers (M3.0 × 12).
Mounting plate
Mounting plate
Gang box
Surface mount box
MCP1 Installation Manual



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