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Operating Range For The Remote Control - NEC E651-T User Manual

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Operating Range for the Remote
Points the top of the remote control toward the LCD monitor's
remote sensor during button operation.
Uses the remote control within a distance of about 7 m
(23 ft.) from remote control sensor or at a horizontal and
vertical angle of within 30° within a distance of about 3.5 m
(10 ft.).
Caution: Important, the remote control system may not
function when direct sunlight or strong illumination
strikes the remote control sensor or when there is
an object in the path.
Handling the remote control
Do not subject to strong shock.
Do not allow water or other liquid to splash the remote
control. If the remote control gets wet, wipe it dry
Avoid exposure to heat and steam.
Other than to install the batteries, do not open the remote


Table of Contents

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