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Philips HeartStart FRx Trainer Instructions For Use Manual Page 8

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FRx TRAINER 861306
INFORMATION-BUTTON. In the FRx Trainer, this blue "i-button"
flashes when scenario selection is available and at the beginning of a
patient care pause when CPR Coaching is available.
PADS ICONS. The pads icons flash as a guide to pads placement during
the training scenario. They turn off as soon as the pads are placed.
G CAUTION LIGHT. This light flashes during rhythm analysis and is on
solid when a shock is advised, as a reminder that no one should be
touching the patient.
H SHOCK BUTTON. This orange button flashes when the FRx Trainer
advises you to deliver a shock; press the Shock button to deliver the
simulated shock.
INFRARED (IR) COMMUNICATIONS PORT. This feature is not active
in the FRx Trainer. (In the FRx Defibrillator, this feature is used for data
SPEAKER. When the device is being used, its voice instructions come
from this speaker.
K BATTERY COMPARTMENT DOOR. This door is lifted off in order to
install or replace batteries. The Trainer is powered by four disposable
AA alkaline cells inserted in the recess on the back of the unit. (The
FRx Defibrillator is powered by a custom battery pack.)
CONFIGURATION SWITCHES. Located inside the battery
compartment well, these switches allow you to alter certain Trainer
parameter settings. See "Configuring the FRx Trainer" for details. (The
FRx Defibrillator does not have these switches.)
The HeartStart Training Pads II are provided in a gray case with a yellow
label to distinguish them from the HeartStart SMART Pads II case, which
has a gray label. The Training Pads II wires also have a red "NOT FOR
CLINICAL USE" flag around the pad wires near the connector plug.
WARNING: Do not store your Training Pads II with your FRx
defibrillator, or where it could be confused with defibrillator pads
during an emergency. Do not put the training pads on a person.



Table of Contents

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