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Standard Training Scenarios - Philips HeartStart FRx Trainer Instructions For Use Manual

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FRx TRAINER 861306
NOTE: Inserting or removing the Infant/Child Key during a scenario will
restart the scenario.
3. Follow the FRx Trainer's voice instructions.
4. If using a clothed manikin, remove the clothing as instructed.
5. Open the Training Pads II case and peel off one pad.
NOTE: Avoid touching the pad's adhesive gel, because this may cause
the Trainer to begin analysis prematurely.
6. Place the pad on the manikin.
Press the pad down firmly. Then
peel and place the other pad.
7. Continue to follow the FRx
Trainer's instructions for
remainder of scenario.
8. When the scenario has been
completed, or to stop a scenario in process, press and hold the On/Off
button until the FRx Trainer turns off.
9. To repeat the same scenario, repack the pads as described in
"To repack the Training Pads II." Then begin again by pressing the green
On/Off button. To select a different scenario, press the i-button.
NOTE: If battery power is depleted, the FRx Trainer will say
. The FRx Trainer will continue to operate for a short time.
Replace the batteries as soon as possible to ensure correct Trainer

Standard training scenarios

The FRx Trainer provides eight training scenarios. When the Trainer
directs you to press the Shock button, the scenario will not advance unless
the button is pressed. When the Trainer detects a non-shockable rhythm,
it instructs you to provide CPR if needed.
In the Trainer scenarios, "conversion" means a change from a shockable to
a non-shockable rhythm.



Table of Contents

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