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To Select A Training Scenario; To Run A Training Scenario - Philips HeartStart FRx Trainer Instructions For Use Manual

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To select a training scenario

1. Make sure the pads connector is plugged in and the FRx Trainer is
turned off. (Press and hold the On/Off button if necessary to turn off
the Trainer.)
2. Press the flashing i-button once. The FRx Trainer will tell you how to
select a scenario.
3. Press the i-button again to have the FRx Trainer identify the current
training scenario. If you want to use this scenario, briefly press the
On/Off button to run the scenario immediately.
4. To select a different scenario, press the flashing blue i-button to scroll
through each of the eight scenarios in sequence. When you reach the
scenario number you want, briefly press the On/Off button to run the
scenario immediately. Or, to simply select the scenario without running
it, press and hold the On/Off button until the Trainer turns off, or wait
for 10 seconds and it will automatically turn off.
The FRx Trainer will run the selected scenario every time until the
batteries are replaced or until a different scenario is selected. The Trainer
defaults to Scenario 1 each time the batteries are installed.

To run a training scenario

To run the selected training scenario, treat the FRx Trainer exactly as you
would the FRx Defibrillator.
1. Press the green On/Off button to turn on the FRx Trainer.
2. To practice defibrillation of an infant or child under 8 years or 55
pounds (25 kg), insert the Infant/Child Key in the Trainer's Infant/Child
Key slot.



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