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Troubleshooting - Sage BPB500UKM Instruction Book

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Store upright with the cups and blades assembled and resting on the motor
base, or beside it. Do not store with the cup turned to the ON position,
as this means the motor is engaged and will turn on immediately when
plugged in or switched on at the wall.


Motor doesn't start or blade
doesn't rotate
Blender stopped suddenly while
in use
Food is lumpy or unevenly
Food sticks to blade and cup
• Check that the power plug is properly inserted into the power outlet.
• Overload Protection System may have operated (see below).
• This extractor has overload protection to prevent damage to the motor, which may have operated.
Unplug, remove the cup and allow the motor to cool down for 30 minutes. Once cooled, you will be able to use
as usual again.
• We recommend blending in smaller batches, or cutting ingredients into smaller pieces. See Overload Protection
System section for detailed information.
• This can happen when too much food is being blended at one time. Try a smaller amount, and work in batches
if necessary.
• The ingredients may be too large. Try cutting into smaller pieces. For best results, ingredients should be in pieces
no larger than 2cm.
• The mixture may be too thick. Try adding more liquid and/or pulsing the blender.