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Safety Cautions; Caution In Repair - Haier AS24NE3HAA Service Manual

N-series wall mounted type
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1.2 Safety Cautions

Be sure to read the following safety cautions before conducting repair work.
The caution items are classified into "Warning" and "Caution". The "Warning" items are especially important
since they can lead to death or serious injury if they are not followed closely. The "Caution" items can also lead
to serious accidents under some conditions if they are not followed. Therefore, be sure to observe all the safety
caution items described below.
About the pictograms
This symbol indicates an item for which caution must be exercised.
The pictogram shows the item to which attention must be paid.
This symbol indicates a prohibited action.
The prohibited item or action is shown inside or near the symbol.
This symbol indicates an action that must be taken, or an instruction.
The instruction is shown inside or near the symbol.
After the repair work is complete, be sure to conduct a test operation to ensure that the equipment operates
Normally, and explain the cautions for operating the product to the customer.

1.2.1 Caution in Repair

Be sure to disconnect the power cable plug from the plug socket before disassembling the equipment for
a repair.
Working on the equipment that is connected to a power supply can cause an electrical shook.
If it is necessary to supply power to the equipment to conduct the repair or inspecting the circuits, do not
touch any electrically charged sections of the equipment.
If the refrigerant gas discharges during the repair work, do not touch the discharging refrigerant gas .The
refrigerant gas can cause frostbite.
When disconnecting the suction or discharge pipe of the compressor at the welded section, release the
refrigerant gas completely at a well-ventilated place first.
If there is a gas remaining inside the compressor , the refrigerant gas or refrigerating machine oil
discharges when the pipe is disconnected, and it can cause injury.
If the refrigerant gas leaks during the repair work, ventilate the area. The refrigerant gas can generate
toxic gases when it contacts flames.
The step-up capacitor supplies high-voltage electricity to the electrical components of the outdoor unit.
Be sure to discharge the capacitor completely before conducting repair work . A charged capacitor can
cause an electrical shock.
Do not start or stop the air conditioner operation by plugging or unplugging the power cable plug.
Plugging or unplugging the power cable plug to operate the equipment can cause an electrical shock or
Domestic air conditioner

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