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Steam Water Table - AEG BS9354001 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Temperature (°C)
11.9 Cooking with steam
• Use only heat and corrosion resistant
• The correct shelf positions are in the
• When you cook longer than 30
• Put the food into the correct cooking

11.10 Steam water table

Time (min)
15 - 20
30 - 40
50 - 60
11.11 Full Steam / ECO Steam
The function is applicable for all types of
food, fresh or frozen. You can use it to
cook, warm, defrost, poach or blanch
vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, rice, sweet
corn, semolina and eggs.
You can prepare a full meal in one
operation. To correctly cook each dish,
use those with cooking times which are
almost the same. Add the largest
EURO Appliances -
cookware or chrome steel food
containers (for some models only).
table below. Count the shelf positions
from the bottom to the top.
minutes or when you cook large
quantities of food, add water if it is
containers and put the containers on
the shelves. Make sure that there is
some distance between the shelves to
let the steam circulate around each
Do not open the appliance
door when the function is
activated. There is a risk of
Time (min)
• After each use, remove the water
from the water drawer, connecting
hoses and steam generator. Refer to
the chapter "Care and cleaning".
• The tables give data for typical dishes.
• Start the procedure with a cold
appliance unless the data in the
tables is different.
• Use a recipe that is almost the same if
you cannot find the settings for your
• When you cook rice, use a ratio of
1.5 : 1 – 2 : 1 water to rice because
rice absorbs water.
Water in the water drawer (ml)
quantity of water necessary for one of
the dishes in the operation. Put the
dishes into the correct cookware and
then on the wire shelves. Adjust the
distance between the cookware to let
the steam circulate.
• With this function you can sterilise
containers (e.g. baby bottles).
• Put the clean containers in the middle
of the shelf on the first shelf position.
Make sure that the opening is down
at a small angle.
• Fill the drawer with the maximum
quantity of water and set the time to
40 min.
Water in the water drawer


Table of Contents

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