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(4) Main differences and compatibilities with the FR-E500 Series
V/F control
Control method
General-purpose magnetic flux vector control
Torque boost (Pr. 0) initial value
FR-E520-1.5K to 7.5K: 6%
FR-E540-1.5K to 3.7K: 6%
FR-E540-5.5K, 7.5K: 4%
DC injection brake operation voltage (Pr. 12) initial value
0.4K to 7.5K: 6%
Frequency at 5V (10V) input (Pr. 38 )
Frequency at 20mA input frequency (Pr. 39 )
Second electronic thermal O/L relay (Pr. 48 )
Shortest acceleration/deceleration mode (Pr. 60 )
Reverse rotation from the inverter operation panel
FM terminal function selection (Pr. 54) setting
0: Output frequency (initial value),
1: Output current,
2: Output voltage
Second applied motor
Pr. 71 = 100 to 123
Terminal 2 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V selection (Pr. 73 ) setting
0: 0 to 5V (initial value),
1: 0 to 10V
Operation mode selection (Pr. 79 )
Initial value 1: PU operation mode
Setting 8: Operation mode switching by external signal
Setting General-purpose magnetic flux vector
Pr. 80 ≠ 9999
User group 1 (16), user group 2 (16)
(Pr. 160, Pr. 173 to Pr. 175 )
Input terminal function selection (Pr. 180 to Pr. 183 ) setting
5: MRS signal (output stop)
6: STOP signal (start self-holding selection)
Long wiring mode
(Pr. 240 setting 10, 11)
Cooling fan operation selection (Pr. 244 ) initial setting
0: Cooling fan operates in power-on status.
Stop selection (Pr. 250 ) setting increments
RS-485 communication control source from the PU connector
PU operation mode
Earth (ground) fault detection
400V class: Detects always
Inrush current limit circuit Provided for the 200V class 2.2K or more and 400V class
Fixed terminal block (can not be removed)
Control terminal block
(Phillips screw M2.5)
Operation panel
Removable operation panel (PA02)
for 400V class only
Plug-in option
FR-E5NC : CC-Link communication
FR-E5ND : DeviceNet communication
FR-E720-0.1K to 7.5K, FR-E740-0.1K to 7.5K, FR-E720S-0.1K to 0.75K, FR-E710W-0.1K to 0.75K are compatible
Installation size
in mounting dimensions
Dedicated plug-in option (installation is incompatible)
V/F control
General-purpose magnetic flux vector control
Advanced magnetic flux vector control
Optimum excitation control
FR-E720-1.5K to 3.7K: 4%
FR-E720-5.5K, 7.5K: 3%
FR-E740-1.5K to 3.7K: 4%
FR-E740-5.5K, 7.5K: 3%
0.4K to 7.5K: 4%
Parameter number change
(Pr. 125 Terminal 2 frequency setting gain frequency)
(Pr. 126 Terminal 4 frequency setting gain frequency)
(Pr. 51 Second electronic thermal O/L relay)
(Pr. 60 Energy saving control selection)
(Pr. 292 Automatic acceleration/deceleration)
After setting "1" in Pr. 40 RUN key rotation direction
selection , press
1: Output frequency (initial value),
2: Output current,
3: Output voltage
Pr. 450 Second applied motor
Pr. 73 Analog input selection
0: 0 to 10V
1: 0 to 5V (initial value)
Initial value 0: External operation mode is selected at
power ON
Setting 8: deleted (X16 signal is used instead)
Pr. 80 ≠ 9999, Pr. 81 ≠ 9999, Pr. 800 = 30
User group (16) only, setting methods were partially changed
(Pr. 160, Pr. 172, Pr. 173 )
Pr. 178 to Pr. 184 Input terminal function selection setting
5: JOG signal (Jog operation selection)
6: None
24: MRS signal (output stop)
25: STOP signal (start self-holding selection)
Setting is unnecessary
(Pr. 240 setting 0, 11 are deleted)
1: Cooling fan on/off control valid
Network operation mode (PU operation mode as FR-
E500 when Pr. 551 = 2)
400V class: Detects only at a start
Provided for the all capacity
Removable terminal block
(Flathead screw M2 (M3 for terminal A, B, and C only)
Integrated operation panel (can not be removed)
FR-PU04 (some functions, such as parameter copy, are
FR-A7NC E kit : CC-Link communication
FR-A7ND E kit : DeviceNet communication
FR-A7NL E kit : L


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