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Troubleshooting Cardiograph Issues; Display Issues - Philips PageWriter Trim I Service Manual

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Troubleshooting Cardiograph Issues

The troubleshooting information in this section will help you to localize a fault and to correct
The following charts list symptoms and the steps to follow to investigate and solve the
problem. Several failure mode symptoms may actually be hardware induced or triggered, and
may require board replacement or opening of the cardiograph for inspection, please contact the
Philips Response Center for further assistance. See "Contacting a Philips Response Center" on
page 1-32.

Display Issues

Table 5-1
Display Issues
Screen is dark and
shows no image
Screen is dark and
shows no image
PageWriter Trim Cardiograph Service Manual
Possible Cause &
Investigation Step
Cardiograph is in
Press the On/
Standby button on the
front display.
Contrast has been
adjusted to the lowest
Power issue: AC cord
Inspect AC power
Power issue: Battery
Open battery
compartment door and
inspect battery condition.
Power issue: Supply
Power off mode failure
Confirm the cardiograph
wakes up.
Confirm there is faint
image in the LCD.
AC is applied but AC
Power On indicator LED
is dark.
AC is not attached and the
battery is inserted into the
cardiograph. Push the On/
Standby button. The
screen remains dark.
AC is applied but AC
Power On indicator light
is not lit.
AC cord and connection
are verified and are good.
With battery plugged in,
the printer is making a
clicking sound every 6
Troubleshooting Cardiograph Issues
User training on proper
use of Standby.
Push Ctrl and down
arrow key
simultaneously to adjust
contrast high enough.
Ensure AC cord is not
damaged and is plugged
into appropriate live AC
power socket.
Replace battery.
Cardiograph must be
serviced to replace
power supply, contact
Philips Medical Systems
(see page 1-32).
Press rear restart button
to reset the cardiograph
(see page 5-33).


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