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Nokia 616 Service Manual: Component Finder Tf5_06

Carkit phone (tfe-4/rv-1).
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Customer Care
Title: Component finder TF5_06
C216 H3
C107 F11 C217 H2
D300 P6
C108 C11 C218 H3
D301 M6
C109 D9
C219 H1
C110 Q17 C220 P4
E210 D22 R146 M16 R407 E16
C111 Q14 C221 H7
C113 Q10 C222 J1
L100 C10 R201 J3
C115 F13 C223 D8
L101 I10 R202 C6
C116 I16 C224 C8
L102 O9
C117 N11 C225 H7
L103 H16 R205 H2
C118 I12 C226 P4
L104 E13 R206 J3
C119 I7
C227 H8
L200 C7
C120 M11 C228 C9
L201 D8
C122 F12 C229 D6
L202 D9
C123 L13 C230 E5
L203 E5
C126 J4
C231 F3
L204 E4
C128 H17 C234 G3
L205 J4
C129 D9
C235 E4
L207 I1
C130 E13 C236 F1
L208 I3
C133 G19 C238 C6
L209 I3
C134 G21 C239 C7
L401 E2
C135 D6
C240 J2
L402 E2
C137 J5
C241 J2
C139 L14 C242 N4
N100 J14 R221 P4
C140 K14 C245 J1
N101 M9
C141 O12 C246 I1
N103 I19 R224 G2
C142 F16 C247 G1
N104 O16 R226 G2
C143 L17 C248 I2
N200 I2
C145 O15 C249 J3
N201 F7
C146 O17 C250 I1
N202 F2
C147 O16 C251 I4
N300 R6
C148 F13 C252 I4
N301 K5
C149 N16 C253 J3
N302 M7
C151 G18 C254 F2
C153 E13 C255 E2
R102 B10 R234 J3
C154 E12 C256 H7
R103 C12 R235 D5
C155 J13 C257 D7
R104 L11 R236 D4
C156 E12 C258 I5
R105 L4
C157 J14 C259 I2
R106 G14 R301 R4
C158 B11 C300 R5
R107 L11 R302 Q4
C159 B11 C301 K5
R109 K4
C160 B10 C302 N8
R110 F13 R304 M7
C161 L4
C303 N7
R111 L12 R305 R6
C162 H15 C304 L5
R113 F13 R306 Q5
C163 G17 C305 N6
R114 L13 R307 M8
C164 B10 C306 K1
R115 L13 R308 N7
C165 H15 C307 Q4
R116 L4
C200 C6
C310 Q5
R120 J4
C201 C7
C311 K4
R122 G20 R311 P5
C202 J3
C312 M7
R123 J4
C203 H2
C313 Q5
R125 J5
C204 I3
C314 N5
R126 G20 R314 M4
C205 H2
C404 E15 R131 O12 R315 M4
C206 O4
C405 E16 R132 O18 R316 M4
C207 O4
C406 E16 R133 N17 R317 Q6
C208 I3
C407 E16 R134 M17 R318 O4
C209 I3
C408 E15 R135 O15 R319 M5
C210 C7
C409 E15 R136 O17 R320 N6
C211 H3
C410 E15 R137 O15 R321 K1
C212 H2
C411 E14 R138 O15 R322 K1
C213 C6
C412 E14 R139 N17 R325 P4
C214 N4
C414 E2
R140 M16 R326 O4
C215 H3
C415 E2
R141 M15 R328 O4
Issue 2.0 Mar/2005
Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Competence Transfer Team
Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes
R142 L2
R329 M7
R143 N16 R404 E15
R144 N15 R405 E16
R145 F13 R406 E16
R200 C6
R408 E15
R409 E14
R410 E14
R203 O4
R411 E14
R412 E14
R416 Q3
R207 O3
R419 D2
R208 C7
R420 D4
R209 H2
R211 H3
V100 D11
R212 H3
V101 F10
R213 N4
V104 H14
R215 H3
V105 F14
R216 G2
V107 F12
R217 J2
V108 L12
R218 J2
V112 J4
R219 P4
V115 C11
R220 P4
V116 L4
V117 O11
R222 D7
V118 L16
V119 N15
V120 L2
R227 F3
V121 K15
R228 G3
V122 N17
R229 I1
V123 K7
R230 I1
V124 K8
R231 I1
V300 Q4
R232 F1
V301 P5
R233 J3
V302 O5
V305 M4
V306 L1
V400 E15
R300 R6
V401 N15
X103 B15
R303 B11 X104 A12
X105 B9
X106 A7
X107 B4
X110 O2
X111 Q20
R309 K6
X112 L20
R310 K6
X209 B22
X210 Q23
R312 O5
R313 N6
Copyright © 2005 Nokia Corporation
Version: 2.0
Schematics and Component Finder
Company Confidential
N610/N616 TFE-4/RV-1
Board version: TF5_06

Component finder TF5_06

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