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About Rfid Applications; About The Rfid Resource Kit; About .Net Support; About Java Support - Honeywell 1026FF02F9 User Manual

Fixed mount rfid reader if1 series
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Chapter 3 — Develop and Install RFID Applications

About RFID Applications

About the RFID Resource Kit

About .NET Support

About Java Support

RFID applications that you develop communicate through one of two
RFID services:
BRI (Basic Reader Interface): Intermec proprietary protocol for
controlling the reader. For more information, see the
Interface Programmer Reference
LLRP (Low-Level Reader Protocol): EPCglobal standard for network
interfaces between the RFID reader and its controlling software. The
IF1 supports version 1.0.1 of the EPCglobal LLRP version 1.1. For
more information on LLRP, see
To create an application, use the RFID Resource Kit. The Intermec by
Honeywell Developer Library RFID Resource Kit includes Java and C#
tools you can use to develop applications that enable control of the
reader and data management.
The resource kit is available as part of the Intermec by Honeywell
Developer Library (IDL). To learn more about the RFID Resource Kit, go
Software > Developer Library > Developer Resource Kits.
The reader supports applications based on .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1,
and 2.0. The reader uses Mono open source software to provide support
for .NET applications deployed on the Linux operating system of the
The reader comes with a JDBC driver you can use to create applications
that writes data directly from the reader to a remote database.
and select Products > Applications and
IF1 Fixed RFID Reader User Manual
Basic Reader



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