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Configure Llrp Settings - Honeywell 1026FF02F9 User Manual

Fixed mount rfid reader if1 series
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BRI Attribute Settings Descriptions (continued)
EPCC1G2 Advance
Medium Access Mode
Dense Reader Mode
Field Strength dB 1-4
Antenna Sequence 1-8 The antenna sequence to be used during READ and WRITE
IF1 Fixed RFID Reader Series User Manual
Dense Reader Mode settings used with EPCC1G2 parameters.
This setting is equivalent to EPCC1G2PARAMETERS BRI
Allows the reader to hop between channels within a certain
frequency spectrum to prevent other readers in the area from
interfering with one another. Default is enabled.
This setting is equivalent to the DENSEREADERMODE or DRM
BRI attribute.
The RF power level (in dBm). Valid range is 1 to 30. Default is 30.
Use this setting to attenuate the antenna field strength. In some
situations, full output power can cause unnecessary interference.
For example, if the tag is close to the antenna, full output power
might overload the tag and cause unreliable behavior.
This setting is equivalent to the FIELDSTRENGTH BRI attribute.
This setting is valid for two antennas only, and is equivalent to the
ANTS BRI attribute.
Chapter 2 — Configure the Reader



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