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Utility Menu - Sony DWR-R02DN Operating Instructions Manual

Digital wireless receiver.
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• When you set the wireless remote control function to
ON, the transmitter will communicate with the receiver
to which it was previously paired. To use the RF
REMOTE function with another transmitter, you must
perform the pairing procedure again for that transmitter.
• Pairing with multiple transmitters is not possible.
• Even if pairing was performed in an ST remote system,
pairing needs to be performed again to use the wireless
remote control in an NT remote system.
The following transmitter settings can be
performed when pairing is established:
• Group/channel setting
• Transmitter name setting
• Power save setting
• RF transmission power setting
• Audio input level setting
• Attenuator setting
• Low-cut filter setting
• +48V setting
• Resetting accumulated transmitter use time
• Audio codec mode setting
• Internal signal setting
• POWER switch lock setting
For details on the transmitter settings, see "Changing the
Settings on the Transmitter" on page 31.
Cancelling the Cross Remote
In the RF REMOTE menu, select RF REMOTE, and then
select OFF.
Notes on the Cross Remote
The wireless remote control function on the receiver uses
the 2.4 GHz band and may thus be subject to interference
from other devices.
• When pairing fails ("Pairing fail" is displayed), carry out
pairing again. Successful communication between the
transmitter and the receiver has not occurred within a
given amount of time. Pairing may be harder to do when
another receiver is engaged in pairing nearby.
• When it becomes hard to use the remote control, the
remote control may be improved by switching the RF
REMOTE function off, then on again, and then re-
pairing with the transmitter (change to a channel with
less interference).
Displaying the Remote Mode
Display whether the receiver is operating in the ST remote
or NT remote mode. (The mode can only be displayed.)
NT: The receiver has recognized the RMU-01 unit and is
operating in NT remote mode.
ST: The receiver is operating in ST remote mode.
SEARCH: The receiver is searching for the remote mode


For details on menu operation, see "Basic Menu
Operations" on page 23.
The UTILITY menu includes items related to the basic
receiver settings, including displays.
In this section, the functions included in the menu and their
parameters are explained.
Underlined items are the factory settings.
The following shows the US model display.
Function name
All the items in the UTILITY menu can be set by using the
controls on the receiver channel 1. The UTILITY menu
settings are applied to both receiver channels.
Items Related to Signal Reception
(RF submenu)
Band block setting
Set this to match the supported transmitter frequency
bands. See "Carrier Frequencies and Channel Steps" on
page 41 for factory settings.
Antenna attenuator setting
Sets the attenuator for the antenna input.
This item can be set independently for each of the
ANTENNA IN connectors.
When connecting DWR-R02DN units in cascade, set ANT
ATT a/b to "0dB" on any DWR-R02DN unit that is not
directly connected to the antenna.
DC power supply setting for antennas
Sets the power supply for the antennas connected to the
ANTENNA a/b IN connectors.
This setting applies to both of the ANTENNA IN
Item to be set
(ANT ATT a/b)


Table of Contents

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