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Sony DWR-R02DN Operating Instructions Manual Page 25

Digital wireless receiver.
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Encrypted Transmission Function
Set the parameters for the encrypted transmission function.
SECURE KEY: Sets the encryption key method.
PASSWORD: Sets the password method.
OFF: The encrypted transmission function is not used.
For details, see "Using the Encrypted Transmission
Function" on page 21.
Setting the Audio Codec Mode
Set the audio codec mode.
If there is a transmitter paired with this receiver, the audio
codec mode of the transmitter is also switched at the same
MODE1: This audio codec mode is compatible with the
first generation DWX series. When the reception
frequency is set to Type B, MODE1 is selected
MODE2: This audio codec mode reduces the delay time.
Audio quality is also improved compared with MODE1.
We recommend using this mode under normal
MODE3: This audio codec mode prioritizes stable
transmission performance. Additional signal processing is
used to suppress noise and audio interruptions caused by
unexpected interference, resulting in more reliable
Audio delay time when transmitting and
The audio delay time matched on the transmitter side and
receiver side for each mode is as follows.
Analog output
MODE1: 3.4 ms
MODE2: 1.5 ms
MODE3: 4.0 ms
Digital output
MODE1: 3.4 ms
MODE2: 2.5 ms
MODE3: 4.9 ms
For details, see "Setting the Audio Codec Mode" on
page 22.
Setting Analog Audio Output Level
Selects analog audio output level for the ANALOG OUT
1/2 connectors.
MIC: Selects the microphone level (reference level:
–58 dBu).
LINE: Select the line level (reference level: –12 dBu).
Ground Lift Function
When LIFT is selected, pin 1 (GROUND) of the XLR
connector is lifted from the chassis grounding to prevent
hum, buzz, and other noise caused by ground loops.
GROUND: Connects pin 1 (GROUND) of the XLR
connector to the chassis grounding.
LIFT: Lifts pin 1 (GROUND) of the XLR connector from
the chassis grounding.
Select LIFT only in environments where hum, buzz, and
other noise occur. Selecting it may make the unit more
susceptible to exogenous noise.
Audio Output Setting
Control audio output (MUTING/UNMUTING) for the
receiver channels. This setting applies to the ANALOG
OUT 1/2 connectors, and DIGITAL OUT 1/2/3/4
connectors. This setting does not apply to the audio output
for the headphone monitor.
UNMUTING: Disable audio output muting on the receiver
MUTING: Enable audio output muting on the receiver
channel. While muting is enabled, the transmitter name
display area on the top display alternates between
displaying "MUTING" and the transmitter name.


Table of Contents

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