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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Uconnect 5.0

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Safety Guidelines

  • Page 5 Only use • Your system is a sophisticated electronic device. Do Uconnect when it is safe to do so. Failure to do so not let young children use your system. may result in an accident involving serious injury •...
  • Page 6 SAFETY GUIDELINES 5 Touchscreen 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired op- • Do NOT attach any object to the touchscreen, doing eration. so can result in damage to the touchscreen. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to •...
  • Page 7: Cybersecurity

    The risk of unauthorized and unlawful access to your you are unsure of restrictions, you are encouraged to ask vehicle systems may still exist, even if the most recent for authorization before turning on the wireless radio. version of vehicle software (such as Uconnect software) is installed.
  • Page 8 Uconnect • ONLY insert media (e.g., USB, SD card, or CD) into software updates. your vehicle if it came from a trusted source. Media •...
  • Page 10: Introduction

  • Page 12 Trip, Settings, Clock 11 — MUTE and Compass or to access Uconnect Apps. Push the MUTE button for activation/deactivation of the 6 — PHONE volume. Push the PHONE button to access the Uconnect Phone feature.
  • Page 13 Only use • Stop use immediately if a problem occurs. Failure to Uconnect when it is safe to do so. Failure to do so do so may cause injury or damage to the product.
  • Page 14 RADIO MODE CONTENTS ▫ Setting Presets......16 OPERATING RADIO MODE ....14 ▫...
  • Page 15: 14 Radio Mode

    14 RADIO MODE OPERATING RADIO MODE Volume & Mute Rotate the rotary knob to adjust the Volume. When the audio system is turned on, the sound will be set at the same volume level as last played. Push the MUTE button to mute the system. Push the MUTE button again to unmute the system.
  • Page 16: Direct Tune

    RADIO MODE 15 Fast Seek Up Direct Tune Press and hold the “Seek Up” button to advance the radio through the available stations or channels at a faster rate, the radio stops at the next available station or channel when the button is released. Seek Down Press and release the “Seek Down”...
  • Page 17: Setting Presets

    16 RADIO MODE Once the last digit of a station has been entered, the When you are receiving a station that you wish to Direct Tune screen will close and the system will auto- commit into memory, press and hold the desired num- matically tune to that station.
  • Page 18: Siriusxm Premier

    RADIO MODE 17 SiriusXM Premier SiriusXM services require subscriptions, sold separately after the 12-month trial included with the new vehicle purchase. If you decide to continue your service at the end of your trial subscription, the plan you choose will automatically renew and bill at then-current rates until you call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349 to cancel.
  • Page 19: Audio

    18 RADIO MODE Audio Equalizer 1. Push the Settings button located on the faceplate. Press the “Equalizer” button to adjust the Bass, Mid and Treble. Use the “+” or “–” button to adjust the equalizer 2. Then scroll down and press the “Audio” button to get to your desired settings.
  • Page 20 RADIO MODE 19 Balance/Fade Loudness Press the “Loudness” button to select the Loudness feature. When this feature is activated it improves sound quality at lower volumes. Press the “Done” button when complete. Auto On Radio Press the “Auto On Radio” button to set how the radio behaves when the Ignition is switched to ON.
  • Page 22: Media Mode

  • Page 23: Operating Media Mode

    22 MEDIA MODE OPERATING MEDIA MODE Fast Seek Up Media Mode is entered by pushing the MEDIA button Press and hold the “Seek Up” button and the desired located on the faceplate. Once in MEDIA mode, press the mode will begin to fast forward through the current “Source”...
  • Page 24: Aux Mode

    MEDIA MODE 23 • The Uconnect 5.0/5.0 NAV system does not support Shuffle USB hubs connected to the USB port of the vehicle. Press the “Shuffle” button to play the selections on the Connect your multimedia device directly to the USB...
  • Page 25: Bluetooth Mode

    ON, the unit will switch to AUX mode and begin to play when you insert the device cable. Once the Bluetooth device is paired to the Uconnect System, push the MEDIA button. Once in MEDIA mode, Controlling The Auxiliary Device press the “Source”...
  • Page 26: Uconnect 5.0/5.0 Nav Voice Recognition Quick Tips

    UCONNECT VOICE RECOGNITION..26 ▫ Introducing Uconnect ....26 ▫ Phone ......30 ▫...
  • Page 27: Uconnect Voice Recognition

    Start using Uconnect Voice Recognition with these help- structions. ful quick tips. It provides the key Voice Commands and tips you need to know to control your Uconnect 5.0/ 2. Reduce background noise. Wind and passenger con- 5.0 NAV system.
  • Page 28 UCONNECT 5.0/5.0 NAV VOICE RECOGNITION QUICK TIPS 27 1 — Push to MUTE 1 — Push To Initiate Or To Answer A Phone Call, Send Or Receive 2 — Push To Initiate Or To Answer A Phone Call, Send Or Receive...
  • Page 29: Basic Voice Commands

    28 UCONNECT 5.0/5.0 NAV VOICE RECOGNITION QUICK TIPS • Repeat to listen to the system prompts again Notice the visual cues that inform you of your voice recognition system’s status. Cues appear on the touch- screen. 1 — Push To Initiate Or To Answer A Phone Call, Send Or Re- ceive A Text 2 —...
  • Page 30: Media

    UCONNECT 5.0/5.0 NAV VOICE RECOGNITION QUICK TIPS 29 • Change source to Bluetooth TIP: At any time, if you are not sure of what to say or want to learn a Voice Command, push the VR button • Change source to USB and say “Help.”...
  • Page 31: Phone

    . After the beep, say... “Re- a contact has multiple phone numbers, you can say ply” “Call John Smith work.” 2. Listen to the Uconnect prompts. After the beep, repeat one of the pre-defined messages and follow the system prompts.
  • Page 32: Additional Information

    UCONNECT 5.0/5.0 NAV VOICE RECOGNITION QUICK TIPS 31 Additional Information PRE-DEFINED VOICE TEXT REPLY RESPONSES Yes. Stuck in Traffic. See you later. © 2016 FCA US LLC. All rights reserved. Mopar and Uconnect are registered trademarks and Mopar Owner Start without I’ll be Late.
  • Page 34: Uconnect Phone

    ▫ Mute (Or Unmute) Microphone During Call . . .37 OPERATING UCONNECT PHONE ...34 ▫ Pairing A Phone ..... . .34 ▫...
  • Page 35: Operating Uconnect Phone

    Only use 1-800-465-2001 (English) or 1-800-387-9983 (French) Uconnect when it is safe to do so. Failure to do so may result in an accident involving serious injury Mon. – Fri., 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, ET or death.
  • Page 36: Start Pairing Procedure

    4. Press the “Yes” button to start the pairing procedure NOTE: search for the Uconnect device on the mobile phone (if • The priority is determined according to the order of No is selected, the Phone main screen is displayed).
  • Page 37: Phonebook Download - Phonebook Transfer From Mobile Phone

    If equipped and specifically supported by your phone, • Only the phonebook of the currently connected mobile Uconnect will ask you if you want to download names (text names) and number entries from your mobile phone is accessible.
  • Page 38: Receiving A Call - Accept (and End)

    After the BEEP, say “transfer call.” available on the phone, in the Bluetooth connections menu for a device registered as Uconnect. After enabling SMS Message Reader this function on the mobile phone, it must be discon-...
  • Page 39: Sms Message Options

    Changing The Volume During a phone call, use the radio VOLUME rotary knob to adjust the volume to a comfortable level while the Uconnect system is speaking. Please note the volume setting for Uconnect is different than the audio system.
  • Page 40: Settings Button

  • Page 41: Settings Button Options

    40 SETTINGS BUTTON SETTINGS BUTTON OPTIONS Push the Settings button to access the Settings Main Menu. NOTE: Only one category may be selected at a time. When making a selection, press the button on the touch- screen to enter the desired mode. Once in the desired mode, press and release the preferred setting until the button is highlighted.
  • Page 42: Compass

    • System Information • Average Economy/Speed • Travel Distance/Time NOTE: All features are “if equipped” depending on vehicle configuration. Compass Refer to “Uconnect Settings” in your Owner’s Manual for Press the “Compass” button to display the compass. detailed Settings Information.
  • Page 43: Clock Setting

    42 SETTINGS BUTTON Clock Setting NOTE: In the Clock Setting Menu you can also select Display Clock. Display Clock turns the clock display in the status bar on or off. 2. Press the “Up” or “Down” arrows to adjust the hours or minutes, next select the “AM”...
  • Page 44: Navigation

  • Page 45: Operating Navigation - If Equipped

    44 NAVIGATION OPERATING NAVIGATION — IF EQUIPPED 4. Enter the town or city name, or the ZIP code. Towns with similar names are shown in the list while Planning A Route you type. To plan a route, do the following: NOTE: Press the “Arrow”...
  • Page 46 NAVIGATION 45 5. Enter the street name. 6. Enter the house number, then press the “OK” button. Streets with similar names are shown in the list while you type. When the correct street name appears in the list, press the name to select the destination. 7.
  • Page 47 46 NAVIGATION To change your route, for example, to travel via a particular location or to select a new destination, press the “Change route” button. 8. When the new route is shown, press the “Done” button. For more information about the route, press the “De- You are guided to your destination using spoken tails”...
  • Page 48 NAVIGATION 47 Safety Mode In Safety mode, you can enter a destination (without the use of typewriter, see below), go into map display, and The navigation SW will switch to “Safety Mode,” with a toggle three settings. The “Navigate to” submenu in dedicated menu structure, when driving above a thresh- Safety Mode has reduced functionality: old speed of 5 mph (8.0 km/h).
  • Page 49 48 NAVIGATION To view the route summary, push the right-hand panel on the status bar in the Driving view or press the “View route” button in the Main Menu and then press the “Show route summary” button. The types of route you can choose from are as follows: •...
  • Page 50 NAVIGATION 49 Using Arrival Times After entering a destination, press the “YES” button when asked about an arrival time to enter a preferred You can set your navigation system to ask you if you arrival time. need to arrive at a particular time when you plan a route. The navigation system calculates your arrival time and Push the “Status bar”...
  • Page 51 50 NAVIGATION Navigation Menu Options When you press the “Drive to” button you can set your destination in many ways, not just by entering the address. The other options are listed below: Home Press this button to navigate to your Home location. You will probably use this button more than any other.
  • Page 52 NAVIGATION 51 Recent Destination Press this button to select your destination from a list of places you have recently used as destinations. Point Of Interest Press this button to navigate to a Point of Interest (POI). Latitude Longitude Press this button to enter a destination using latitude and longitude values.
  • Page 53 52 NAVIGATION Position Of Last Stop Press this button to select your last recorded position as your destination. Planning A Route In Advance To plan a route in advance, follow these steps: You can use your navigation system to plan a route in 1.
  • Page 54 NAVIGATION 53 5. If Route planning settings are set to “Ask me every 6. Choose the date and time that you will make the time I plan”, select the type of route you want to plan: journey you are planning. •...
  • Page 55 54 NAVIGATION Viewing Route Information You can then select from the following options: You can access these options for the route you last planned by pressing the “View route” button in the Main Menu or the “Details” button on the route summary screen.
  • Page 56: Voice Control

    ALWAYS drive safely with your hands on the wheel. navigation. You have full responsibility and assume all risks related to the use of the Uconnect features and For example, to switch to 2D view, you can say “2D applications in this vehicle. Only use Uconnect when view.”...
  • Page 57: The Driving View

    56 NAVIGATION The following example shows how to use voice control to Your navigation system plans a route from your plan a journey to your Home address: current location to your destination. NOTE: To stop your navigation system from listening 1.
  • Page 58 NAVIGATION 57 The Driving View To change the information shown in the status bar, press the “Status bar” button in the Settings menu. 5. Speed limit, if known To see the difference between your preferred arrival time and your estimated arrival time, check the Leeway checkbox in the Status bar settings.
  • Page 59: Advanced Lane Guidance

    58 NAVIGATION Driving View Symbols Using Lane Guidance Navigation instructions muted There are two types of lane guidance: This symbol is shown when the navigation 1. Lane images instructions have been muted. To hear navigation instructions again, push the middle panel in the status bar.
  • Page 60: Changing Your Route

    NAVIGATION 59 2. Instructions in the status bar Changing Your Route Making Changes To Your Route After you plan a route, you may want to change the route or even the destination. There are various ways to change your route without the need to completely replan the entire journey.
  • Page 61 60 NAVIGATION Change Route Menu To change the current route or your destination, press one of the following buttons: Change Destination Press this button to change the current destination. When you change the destination, you are shown the same options and asked to enter the new address in the same way as when you plan a new route.
  • Page 62 NAVIGATION 61 Calculate Alternative Press this button to find an alternative to the current route. This button is only shown while there is a planned route. This is a simple way to search for a different route to your current destination. Your navigation system calculates a new route from your current location, to reach your destination using completely different roads.
  • Page 63 62 NAVIGATION Avoid Part Of Route Press this button to avoid part of the current route. You are shown a list of the street names on your route. When you press one of the street names, your navigation system calculates a detour to avoid the selected street.
  • Page 64 NAVIGATION 63 On the route summary screen, a message confirms that 6. Press the “Done” button. the route is being recalculated to include the way- On the route summary screen, a message confirms that point. In the Change route menu, the Travel via button the route is being recalculated to include your way- changes to show that you now have one waypoint on points.
  • Page 65 64 NAVIGATION 5. Press the “Move up” or “Move down” buttons. Reactivating A Waypoint Your Waypoint changes its position in the list and you NOTE: You can only reactivate a waypoint that has are immediately returned to your list of waypoints. already been visited.
  • Page 66: View Map

    NAVIGATION 65 View Map View Map About Viewing The Map You can view the map in the same way as you might look at a traditional paper map. The map shows your current location and many other locations such as Favorites and POIs.
  • Page 67: Sounds And Voices

    66 NAVIGATION Options 2. Human voices — These are recorded by an actor and only provide route instructions. Press the “Options” button to set the information shown on the map and show the following information: Changing The Volume Level • Names — Select this option to show street and city You can change the volume for your navigation system names on the map.
  • Page 68 NAVIGATION 67 Use Night Colors Press this button to display the map in darker colors. NOTE: Your navigation system can switch between day and night colors depending on the time of day. To automatically switch between night and day colors, press the “Map colors”...
  • Page 69 68 NAVIGATION Turn On Voice Guidance Press this button to switch on voice guidance and hear spoken route instructions. Voice Settings Press this button to set the type of spoken directions and other route instructions that your navigation system will read aloud. Make Your Own Menu Press this button to add up to six buttons to your own personalized menu.
  • Page 70 NAVIGATION 69 Favorites Press this button to add, rename or delete Favorites. Favorites provide an easy way to select a location without the need to enter the address. They do not need to be favorite places, they can simply be seen as a collection of useful addresses.
  • Page 71 70 NAVIGATION Home Location Press this button to set or change your Home location. You enter the address in the same way as you do when you plan a route. Your Home location provides an easy way to plan a route to an important location. For most people, your Home location will be your home address.
  • Page 72 NAVIGATION 71 Vehicle Symbol Press this button to select the vehicle symbol that shows your current location in the driving view. Status Bar Press this button to select the information you want to see on the status bar: • Horizontal — Show the status bar at the bottom of the Driving view. •...
  • Page 73 72 NAVIGATION Safety Settings Press this button to select the safety features you want applied to your navigation. Map Colors Press this button to select the color schemes for day and night map colors for 2D and 3D mode. Press the “Search” button to search for a color scheme by typing the name.
  • Page 74 NAVIGATION 73 2D/3D Settings Press this button to set the default view of the map. To switch between 2D and 3D views while driving, press the left side of the status bar in Driving View. It is sometimes easier to view the map from above, such as when navigating a complex road network.
  • Page 75 74 NAVIGATION Show POI On Map Press this button to select the types of Point of Interest (POI) you want to see on the map. Press the “Show POI” button on the map in the Settings menu. Select the POI categories you want to be shown on the map. Press “Search”...
  • Page 76 NAVIGATION 75 Manage POIs Press this button to manage your own Point of Interest (POI) categories and locations. You can set your navigation system to let you know when you are near to selected POI locations. For example, you could set the navigation system to let you know when you are approaching a gas station.
  • Page 77 76 NAVIGATION Keyboard Press this button to select the keyboards that will be available for your use and the layout of the Latin keyboard. You use the keyboard to enter names and addresses, such as when you plan a route or search for the name of a town or a local restaurant.
  • Page 78 NAVIGATION 77 Advanced Settings Press this button to select the following advanced settings: • Show house number before street name — When this setting is selected, ad- dresses are shown with the house number followed by the street name, such as 10 Downing Street.
  • Page 79 78 NAVIGATION Me And My Navigation Press this button to find technical information about your navigation system and to select whether you want to share information with TomTom. A menu opens with the following options: Reset Factory Settings Press this button to delete all your personal navigation settings and restore the standard factory settings to your navigation system.
  • Page 80: Points Of Interest

    NAVIGATION 79 Navigation Updates NOTE: To update the map, a USB device that meets the following requirements must be used: The Navigation maps can be updated • 8 GB of free memory using a USB device to download the most recent maps. To prepare a USB •...
  • Page 81 80 NAVIGATION Creating POIs 7. Press a button to enter the POI address in the same way that you plan a route. 1. Press the touchscreen to open the Main menu. 8. The POI is created and saved in the selected category. 2.
  • Page 82 NAVIGATION 81 6. Scroll down the list and press the “Parking lot” button. Showing POIs On The Map 7. The parking lot closest to the city center is shown at You can select the types of POI locations you want to see the top of the list.
  • Page 83 82 NAVIGATION 1. Press the “Manage POIs” button and then Warn when Manage POIs near POI in the Settings menu. Press the “Manage POIs” button to manage your POI 2. Scroll down the list and press the “Gas station” button. categories and locations.
  • Page 84: Help

    NAVIGATION 83 • Delete POI — Press this button to delete one of your Using Help To Phone A Local Service own POI categories. To use Help to locate a service center, contact the center • Edit POI — Press this button to edit one of your own by phone and navigate from your current location to the POIs.
  • Page 85 84 NAVIGATION Help Menu Options NOTE: In some countries, information may not be avail- able for all services. Call For Help Press this button to find the contact details and location of a service center. Drive To Help Press this button to plan a driving route to a service center. Where Am I Press this button to see your current location on the map.
  • Page 86 NAVIGATION 85 What Can I Say Press this button to see a list of commands you can say when using voice control. Guided Tours Press this button to view a selection of guided tours relating to your navigation system. Safety And Other Guides Press this button to read a selection of guides, including a First Aid guide.
  • Page 87: Favorites

    86 NAVIGATION Favorites Changing The Name Of A Favorite About Favorites To change the name of a Favorite, do the following: Favorites provide an easy way to select a location with- 1. Press the touchscreen to bring up the Main menu. out the need to enter the address.
  • Page 88: Map Update

    7. Press the “Done” button. 4. Install the new map. Map Update Prepare A USB Device Updating The Map On Your Uconnect Radio Nav System To perform a map update, you need a USB device that meets the requirements below.
  • Page 89 88 NAVIGATION To prepare a USB device, do the following: You are asked if you want to prepare a USB device to download updates. 1. Make sure that the map you want to update is active in your navigation system. If the navigation system has more than one map and you want to update a map that is not currently active, first make the other map active.
  • Page 90 NAVIGATION 89 4. Insert your USB device. The system starts to prepare the USB device. NOTE: • If the system continues to ask you to insert your USB device, make sure your USB device meets the re- quirements above, then try again. •...
  • Page 91 90 NAVIGATION When the USB device is ready, the message below is Install TomTom Home shown. To install TomTom Home and create a MyTomTom account, do the following: 1. Download and install the TomTom HOME application on your computer. On your computer, go to Select Download TomTom HOME, then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Page 92 TomTom HOME starts automatically. After you create your account, you are asked if you want to link your Uconnect system to your account. The prepared USB device represents your Uconnect 3. Select Log in at the top right hand corner of TomTom system.
  • Page 93 92 NAVIGATION Download A Map Downloading a map There are two ways you can get an update for a map: If a map update is available for your system, it is listed as an available update. • Latest Map Guarantee – If a new map for your system is available within 90 days of first using the system, NOTE: If you already have the latest map on your you can download that map once for free.
  • Page 94 The system detects that there is a new map on the USB 2. Select Start. device. The USB device may also contain updated If the USB device contains new software, the Uconnect navigation software, if this is required by the new system first updates the navigation software. After the map.
  • Page 95 94 NAVIGATION Before the system starts to update the map, you are warned that the update takes some time. Select OK. 3. The system starts to update the map.
  • Page 96 NAVIGATION 95 When the map has been updated, the message below is displayed. NOTE: Do not remove the USB device or switch off the power to the system before the update is complete. The system cannot be used until the update is completed 4.
  • Page 97: Important Safety Notices And Warnings

    96 NAVIGATION Troubleshooting Important Safety Notices And Warnings During an update, the following problems can occur: Global Positioning System • The map on the USB device is invalid. If this happens, The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based download the map to the USB device again using system that provides location and timing information TomTom HOME.
  • Page 98: Copyright Notices

    NAVIGATION 97 This Document The use of this material is subject to the terms of a license agreement. Any unauthorized copying or disclosure of Great care was taken in preparing this document. Con- this material will lead to criminal and civil liabilities. stant product development may mean that some infor- Data Source ©...
  • Page 99 © 2016 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. 17UC5FIAT-526-AB Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and Uconnect are trademarks of FCA US LLC. Second Edition FIAT is a registered trademark of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A., Uconnect 5.0/5.0 NAV used under license by FCA US LLC.

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