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Heart Rate And Arrhythmia Alarms - Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual

Defibrillator monitor.
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4: ECG Monitoring

Heart Rate and Arrhythmia Alarms

The HeartStart XL+ detects HR and arrhythmia alarm conditions by comparing ECG data to a set of
pre-defined criteria. An alarm can be triggered by a rate exceeding a threshold (e.g., HR > configured
limit), an abnormal rhythm (e.g., Ventricular Tachycardia) or an ectopic event (e.g., PVC > configured
HR/Arrhythmia alarms can be generated for the conditions shown in Tables
they appear as alarm messages in the HR alarm status area above the HR numeric. When ECG alarms are
ECG Alarms Off
off an
For more information on alarms, see
Table 7
Alarm Message
Extreme Brady
Extreme Tachy
Pacer Not Capture
Pacer Not Pace
PVC xx > limit/min
(detected rate > limit)
HR High
HR Low
NOTE: The high HR alarm condition is not detected when the HR High limit is configured greater than the
maximum Extreme Tachy threshold. You get the Extreme Tachy alarm. The low HR alarm condition is
not detected when the HR Low limit is configured less than or equal to the minimum Extreme Brady
message appears above the HR numeric. There are both audio and visual alerts.
HR/Arrhythmia Physiological Alarms
No detectable beats for four
seconds in the absence of V-Fib.
A fibrillatory wave detected for
four seconds.
Consecutive PVCs and HR
exceed configured limits.
Extreme Brady - 10 bpm below
HR low limit, capped at 30 bpm.
Extreme Tachy - 20 bpm above
HR High limit, up to 200 bpm
(adult)/240 bpm (infant/child).
For higher rates, the limit is
equal to the HR High limit.
No QRS following internal pacer
No QRS or pacer internal pulse
The number of detected PVCs in
a minute exceed the limit.
The HR exceeds the configured
HR High limit.
The HR is below the configured
HR Low limit.
Heart Rate and Arrhythmia Alarms
on page 33.
Type of Alarm
High Priority
Latching Alarm
Medium Priority
Latching Alarm
Medium Priority
and 8. Once generated,
Red Alarm message with
alarm tone
Yellow Alarm message with
alarm tone


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