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Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual Page 52

Defibrillator monitor.
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Safety Considerations
3: Working with the HeartStart XL+
CAUTIONS: Be aware of patient cables, including ECG monitoring equipment when used with high frequency
surgical equipment.
Accessory equipment connected to the HeartStart XL+'s data interface must be certified according to
IEC Standard 60950 for data-processing equipment or IEC Standard 60601-1 for electromedical
equipment. All combinations of equipment must be in compliance with IEC Standard 60601-1-1
systems requirements. Anyone who connects additional equipment to the signal input port or signal
output port configures a medical system and is therefore responsible to ensure that the system complies
with the requirements of system standard IEC Standard 60601-1-1. If in doubt, contact your local
Philips Customer Care Center or local Philips representative.
This device is suitable for use in the presence of high-frequency surgical equipment. Following
electrosurgery interference, the equipment returns to the previous operating mode within 10 seconds
without loss of stored data. Measurement accuracy may be temporarily decreased while performing
electrosurgery or defibrillation. This does not affect patient or equipment safety. See the electrosurgery
device's Instructions for Use for information on reducing hazards of burns in the event of a defect in its
Do not expose the HeartStart XL+ to x-ray or strong magnetic fields (MRI).
NOTES: This device and its accessories are not intended for home use.
If you use sterilizable paddles, confirm that they have not reached the end of their sterility before using in
an event. See the sterilizable paddles' Instructions for Use.
Keep your HeartStart XL+ Lithium Ion battery charged and a spare battery nearby.
The HeartStart XL+ does not require the practice of any special ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD)
precautionary procedures.


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