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Lithium Ion Battery; Power Indicators - Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual

Defibrillator monitor.
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Lithium Ion Battery

The HeartStart XL+ uses a Lithium Ion battery for power.
Battery Life
Battery life depends on the frequency and duration of use. When properly cared for and used in its
intended environment, the HeartStart XL+ Lithium Ion battery has a useful life of approximately 3 years.
Use outside those conditions could significantly reduce battery life. To optimize performance, a battery
that is in the low battery condition (less than 40% remaining) should be charged as soon as possible.
Battery Capacity
A new fully-charged battery, at 20 °C (68 °F), provides power for at least:
175 full-energy charge/shock cycles.
Three hours of monitoring (ECG and SpO
15 minutes) followed by 20 full-energy charge/shock cycles.
Two hours of pacing (180ppm at 140mA with 40msec pulse) and monitoring followed by 20
full-energy charge/shock cycles.
Low Battery Conditions
The HeartStart XL+ enters a low battery condition when:
The battery charge is low but contains sufficient power to provide at least six full-energy
charge/shock cycles and at least 10 minutes of monitoring.
The HeartStart XL+ cannot determine the battery's charge level.
NOTE: The longer the battery stays in the Low Battery condition without charging, the ability to deliver six
full-energy shocks and perform 10 minutes of monitoring diminishes.
Battery Maintenance
For information on battery maintenance, see

Power Indicators

The Power Indicators are located in the lower left corner of the HeartStart XL+'s front panel (see
The green AC Power Indicator is lit whenever AC power is connected to the HeartStart XL+, even if the
device is turned off.
The green Battery Charging Indicator flashes when the battery is charging. The indicator is solid green
when the battery is fully charged and AC power is present. The light is off if no battery is installed, the
battery is installed but not functioning properly or there is no AC power present.
3: Working with the HeartStart XL+
continuously monitored and NBP sampled every
"Battery Maintenance"
on page 166.


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