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Chapter 16 Troubleshooting; Overview; Resolving Issues; Responding To Test Results - Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual

Defibrillator monitor.
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If the HeartStart XL+ detects an error or potential problem during use, it displays a textual message to
guide you. These messages are often accompanied by a voice prompt or audible beeping tone. This
chapter describes these statements that you see, along with other symptoms, and provides suggestions for
what to do and resources for you to contact for further information.

Resolving Issues

If you are unable to resolve a problem using the suggestions in this chapter, run an Operational Check to
determine if there is a malfunction requiring service. If a malfunction is identified, call for service and:
If the malfunction is related to ECG monitoring, defibrillation or pacing, take the HeartStart XL+
out of service.
If the malfunction is related to SpO
to patient care in your institution.

Responding to Test Results

Results of Automated Tests associated with critical functionality are reported through the Ready For Use
Indicator and the Automated Test Summary report (see
To respond to errors reported through Operational Check, see
page 155).
For further technical and repair information, refer to the HeartStart XL+ Service Manual.
WARNING: Product servicing and repair should only be performed by qualified service personnel.
or NBP, take the device out of service if the function is essential
"Automated Tests"
"Operational Check Tests and Results"
on page 164).


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