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Battery Maintenance; Battery Life; Initializing Batteries; Charging Batteries - Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual

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15: Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance is essential to ensure that the battery's charge state is accurately reported, there is
sufficient charge and capacity to operate your HeartStart XL+, and battery life is optimized. Remove
faulty batteries from service immediately.
Battery maintenance begins when you first receive your device and continues throughout the life of the
battery. Detailed information on battery care is available in the Lithium Ion Battery Application Note
which was provided with your HeartStart XL+ and can also be found on the Philips website at
Table 42
lists battery maintenance activities and when they should be performed.
Table 42
Visual inspection
Charge the battery
Calibrate the battery
Store the battery
Discard the battery

Battery Life

Battery life depends on the frequency and duration of use. When properly cared for and used in its
intended environment, the HeartStart XL+ Lithium Ion battery has a useful life of approximately 3 years.
Use outside those conditions could significantly reduce battery life. To optimize performance, a battery
that is in the low battery condition (less than 40% remaining) should be charged as soon as possible.

Initializing Batteries

When opening a new battery for the first time, it needs to first be charged before the fuel gauge lights

Charging Batteries

The HeartStart XL+ Lithium Ion battery needs to be charged in the HeartStart XL+. Insert the battery to
be charged in the battery compartment and then plug the device into an AC power outlet.
Once AC power is supplied, the Battery Charging Indicator flashes green to indicate the battery is
charging and the battery is ≤ 90 percent of capacity. The indicator turns solid green when the battery
charge is > 90 percent of capacity and AC power is present. If no battery is installed or the installed
battery is not functioning properly, the light remains off.
With the HeartStart XL+ turned off and the temperature between 0-35° C (32-95° F) , a fully discharged
battery typically charges to 80% capacity in 2 hours and to 100% capacity in 3 hours. The battery
charges at a slower rate with the device turned on.
Battery Maintenance Activities
As part of a standard Operational Check.
Upon receipt; after use; if the
When the Operational Check results state
every 6 months, whichever comes first.
When not in use for an extended period of time, store the battery at a
20-40% charge.
When there are visual signs of damage or you receive a message to replace
the battery.
Battery Maintenance
When to perform
Low Battery
message is displayed.
Calibration Required


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