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Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual Page 165

Defibrillator monitor.
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14: Operational and Shift Checks
Operational Check Results
Each test that makes up the Operational Check either passes or fails (see
Figure 73
NOTE: Text Data appearing in parenthesis in Figures
Once the Operational Check is completed, a summary note appears in the middle of the display. To
remove the message from the screen press the
[Show Messages]
hit the
If you fail an Operational Check for a therapy-related problem (for example a failed Therapy knob or
button), therapy is disabled. You receive messages on the display and the RFU indicator is a solid Red X.
After exiting Operational Check, the HeartStart XL+ restarts with therapy disabled.
NOTE: When exiting Operational Check, if the failure is related to the Therapy knob, you restart and remain in
Monitor Mode regardless of the knob's position on the dial. If the device does not turn off with the knob
in the
The failure may have been caused by an improperly performed Operational Check. To clear the failed
Operational Check, successfully perform a proper Operational Check. If the device continues to fail the
Operational Check and you have confirmed you are performing the Operational Check properly, take
the device out of use and call for service.
Leads ECG Test Rerun
If the Leads ECG test fails, upon the completion of Operational Check, the HeartStart XL+ prompts you
with the message
without the cable
check if the problem is in the device itself. If you do not wish to rerun Operational Check, press the
Menu Select button to proceed without rerunning the test.
Operational Check In Process Screen
25 Jan 2011 11:11pm
Reference Number:
(Device Reference Number)
Serial Number:
(Device Serial Number)
Last Operational Check: 23Jan2011 04:32PM Pass
General System Test:
Therapy Knob:
Charge Button:
Shock Button:
Sync Button:
Therapy Delivery Test:
Leads ECG Test:
Pads/Paddles ECG Test:
Battery Test
Op Check
information in an actual screen. For example: (Device Serial Number) is
replaced with the device's serial number.
soft key.
position, take it out of use and call for service.
Leads ECG Test Failed With Cable. Disconnect the ECG Cable to rerun test
. As soon as you remove the ECG cable, the device reruns Operational Check to
Operational Check
Audio Test:
In Progress
NBP Test:
Printer Test
[Hide Messages]
soft key. To bring the messages back,
Operational Check
Figure 73
for an example).
are replaced by device


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