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Philips HeartStart XL Plus 861290 Instructions For Use Manual Page 123

Defibrillator monitor.
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10: Blood Pressure Monitoring
NBP Schedule
NBP measurements can be taken on a manual or predetermined automatic basis, depending on how the
device is configured and the patient's needs:
Manual - There is no schedule for additional measurements. One measurement is taken each time you
[Start NBP]
press the
Automatic - A measurement is attempted at configured intervals - every 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 or 120
minutes. In order for a measurement to successfully begin, any previous measurement has to have ended,
the cuff must be deflated and 30 seconds of rest time elapsed.
NOTE: All criteria must be met in order for an automatic NBP to be taken. For example, if you have the
automatic measurement setting set to every 1 minute, the device attempts to take an NBP every 60
seconds. However, for the measurement to successfully begin, the previous measurement must have
ended, cuff must be deflated and 30 seconds must have elapsed after cuff deflation. If these criteria are
not met, the device waits the 60 seconds to attempt another measurement.
Additional manual measurements can be taken without affecting the automatic measurement schedule
by pressing the
The configured NBP measurements schedule may be changed during an event.
To change the NBP schedule and/or the interval of automatic measurements for the current patient:
Press the Menu Select button.
Using the Navigation buttons, select
Select the desired interval and press the Menu Select button.
NOTES: Interval choices are listed in the format "qx" indicating measurements are taken every "x" minutes from
the time you first press the
When cuff measurements are set to be taken at an automatic interval, there is a forced 30-second
minimum period in between measurements, even if a measurement is due to be taken. The
HeartStart XL+ display shows the last NBP( if obtained in the last 60 minutes), time obtained and
If no subsequent measurements are taken, NBP values are removed from the display after 60 minutes but
can still be obtained through Vital Signs Trending and the Event Summary.
soft key. Take additional measurements by pressing the
[Start NBP]
soft key.
and press the Menu Select button.
NBP Frequency
and press the Menu Select button.
[Start NBP]
soft key.
Measuring NBP
[Start NBP]
soft key.
and press the Menu Select button.


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