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Care And Cleaning; Service And Customer Care - Kenwood KVC30 Instructions Manual

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Care & Cleaning
• Always switch off and unplug before
• A little grease may appear at the slow
speed outlet
when you first use it.
This is normal – just wipe it off.
Power Unit And Outlet Covers
• Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
• Never use abrasives or immerse in water.
• Wash by hand, then dry thoroughly or
wash in the dishwasher.
• Never use a wire brush, steel wool or
bleach to clean your stainless steel bowl.
Use vinegar to remove limescale.
• Keep away from heat (cooker tops,
ovens, microwaves).
Tools & Splashguard
• Wash by hand, then dry thoroughly or
wash in the dishwasher.
chilli marinade
200g clear runny honey
1 chilli (whole)
20g (1tsp) crunchy peanut butter
1 Place all the ingredients into the mini
2 Fit the attachment to the Kitchen
Machine and allow the ingredients to
settle around the blade.
3 Switch to max speed for 4 seconds.
4 Use as required.
Service and
Customer Care
• If you experience any problems with
the operation of your appliance, before
requesting assistance refer to the
"troubleshooting guide" section in the
manual or visit
• Please note that your product is covered
by a warranty, which complies with
all legal provisions concerning any
existing warranty and consumer rights
in the country where the product was
• If your Kenwood product malfunctions
or you find any defects, please send it
or bring it to an authorised KENWOOD
Service Centre. To find up to date details
of your nearest authorised KENWOOD
Service centre visit or the website
specific to your Country.
• Designed and engineered by Kenwood
in the UK.
• Made in China.



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