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Safety Instructions - Electrolux EDH3686GDE User Manual

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Items that have been soiled with substances such as
cooking oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, spot
removers, turpentine, waxes and wax removers
should be washed in hot water with an extra amount of
detergent before being dried in the tumble dryer.
Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps,
waterproof textiles, rubber backed articles and clothes
or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be
dried in the tumble dryer.
Fabric softeners, or similar products, should only be
used as specified by the product manufacturer's
Remove all objects from items that could be a source
of fire ignition such as lighters or matches.
Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of the drying
cycle unless all items are quickly removed and spread
out so that the heat is dissipated.
The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without
heat (cool down cycle) to ensure that the items are left
at a temperature that ensures that the items will not be
Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the
appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the


2.1 Installation
• Remove all the packaging and the
transit bolts.
• Do not install or use a damaged
• Follow the installation instruction
supplied with the appliance.
• Always take care when moving the
appliance as it is heavy. Always use
safety gloves and enclosed footwear.
• Do not install or use the appliance
where the temperature can be less
than 5°C or higher than 35°C.
• The floor area where the appliance is
to be installed must be flat, stable,
heat resistant and clean.
• Make sure that there is air circulation
between the appliance and the floor.
• Always keep the appliance vertical
when being moved.
• The rear surface of the appliance
must be put against the wall.
• When the appliance is in its
permanent position, check that it is
fully level with the aid of a spirit level.
If it is not, adjust the feet accordingly.
2.2 Electrical connection
Risk of fire and electrical



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