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Display Icons - Philips Faro M770 Short User Manual

Design cordless phone
Hide thumbs


In call
Enter the option menu.
Access the main menu (press and hold
when there is a new event).
Change the sound profile.
Access the redial list.
Adjust the volume.
Recall (network dependent).
Call log
End calls.
Make and receive calls.
Enter a pause (press and hold).
Access the network voice mail (network
Turn the speaker on/off.
and country dependent) (press and hold).
Mute/unmute the microphone.
Switch the handset on or off (press and
Make intercom call (press and hold).
Lock/unlock the keypad (press and hold).
Make and receive calls through the
M775 only: Press to play new message from
the answer machine. / Access to the answer
machine menu.
In menu
Confirm / Select / Enter the option menu.
Cancel / back
Up / down
Exit menu.
In text input
Delete text.
Enter a space.
Left / Right
Switch upper/lower case (press and hold).

Display icons

Display icons
It shows the connection status between the
handset and base station. The more bars are
shown, the better the signal strength is.
It remains steadily on when browsing incoming
calls in the call log.
It remains steadily on when browsing outgoing
call in the redial list.
It flashes when there is a new missed call or
when browsing unread missed calls in call log.
It remains steadily on when browsing the read
missed calls in call log.
It remains steadily on when browsing blocked
Make and receive calls through the
calls in call log.
speaker (when the pre-registered
handset is on the base station).
It flashes when receiving incoming call. It
Snooze the
remains steadily on when you are in a call.
LED indicator
The speaker is on.
The ringer is off.
LCD display
The silent mode is set and within active period
Find handset /
(the phone does not ring).
M775 only: Answering machine: it flashes when
there is a new message or when the memory
is full. It is displayed when the telephone
answering machine is turned on.
Voice messages indicator: flashes for new
messages, is steady for reviewed messages.
* This is network dependent.
The silent mode is set, but is outside of active
The alarm is activated. The icon is displayed on
the screen of the pre-registered handset and
base station.
It is displayed when you adjust the volume.
The Eco mode is activated.
The ECO+ mode is activated.
It enables the phone to couple with the
hearing aid device to amplify the sound and
reduce noise interference.



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