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Additional Information; Troubleshooting - Sony TDM-MP10 Operating Instructions Manual

Digital media port adapter
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Additional Information


Should you encounter a problem
with your unit, find your problem
in the troubleshooting checklist
below and take the indicated
corrective action. If the problem
persists, contact your Sony dealer.
Note that if service personnel
changes some parts during repair,
these parts may be retained.
When bringing the system in for
repairs, be sure to bring in the
entire system.
This product is a system product,
and the entire system is needed to
determine the location requiring
The remote does not function.
• Remove any obstacles.
• Point the remote at the AV
system (DAV series, etc.)'s
• The distance between the
remote and the AV system is too
• Replace the battery.
• Make sure the mobile phone* is
securely connected.
• Select the DMPORT function
on the AV system.
• Turn on and off the AV system.
• Start up the music player of the
mobile phone.
The mobile phone screen turns
• The mobile phone backlight
automatically turns off after a
certain amount of time has
passed. To turn on the backlight,
press any button on the mobile
phone that is not related to
music playback operation.
Video/photo image from the
mobile phone does not appear on
the TV screen.
• The unit does not support video
output. Even if your mobile
phone has video/photo
capability, you cannot view
video or photo content on the
TV or other video devices.
There is no sound.
• Check the connections.
• Make sure the unit is securely
• Make sure the mobile phone* is
securely connected.
• Make sure the mobile phone* is
playing music.
• It may take time to start
playback depending on the
• Disconnect any Bluetooth
device (headset, etc.) that is
being used with the mobile
• Start up the music player of the
mobile phone.
There is severe hum or noise.
• Move the unit away from the
source of noise.


Table of Contents

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