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Connect The Antenna - Uniden CMX560 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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Because the maximum power output of the transmitter is limited
by the FCC, the quality of your antenna is very important. To
achieve the maximum transmission distance, Uniden strongly
recommends that you install only a high quality antenna.
You have just purchased a superior radio; don't diminish its
performance by installing an inferior antenna.
Only a properly matched antenna system will allow maximum
power transfer from the 50-ohm transmission line to the radiating
element. Your Uniden dealer is qualified to help you select the
proper antenna for your requirements. A whip style antenna may
be used for automobile installation.
WARNING! The antenna used for this transceiver must
be installed at least 16.92 inches (43 cm) away from all
persons. The antenna must not be collocated or used with
any other antenna or transmitter.
CAUTION: Never operate your transceiver with no antenna
or with a damaged antenna cable. This can damage the
A short "loaded" whip antenna is easier to install on an
automobile, but its efficiency is less than that of a full quarter-
wave whip antenna.
Once your antenna is installed, tune it using a Standing-Wave
Ratio (SWR) meter (not included): set it to channel 20 and adjust
the antenna until the SWR is as close as 1:1 as possible.
CAUTION: Make sure the SWR is less than 2:1 before using
the transceiver. An SWR higher than 2:1 can damage the
Your Uniden dealer can help you select the antenna that is best
for your needs.
Place the bracket against the location you are considering. Check
the other side of the dashboard to be sure the mounting screws



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