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Maintenance; Troubleshooting - Uniden CMX560 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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2. Press MEM to select the channel stored in that memory
channel. The speaker/microphone selects that stored
channel, displays the frequency, and then tunes to it.
Clear All Channels from Memory
1. Press POWER to turn off the transceiver.
2. Press and hold POWER and MEM to turn the transceiver
back on.
3. All stored frequencies are deleted.


The CMX560 is designed to give you years of trouble-free
service. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. It requires no
maintenance except replacing the inline fuse in the fuse holder of
the DC power cord.
To replace a blown fuse:
1. Press ends of the fuse holder together. Twist to open.
Carefully separate the two pieces.
2. Remove the fuse and inspect. If blown, replace with the same
type 6-amp fuse.
Use only the fuse specified for your CMX560. Failure to do
Every six months:
1. Check the SWR.
2. Be sure all electrical connections are tight.
3. Inspect antenna coaxial cable for wear or breaks in shielding.
4. Be sure all screws and mounting hardware are tight.


If your radio is not performing to your expectations, please try
these simple steps. If these steps don't solve your problem, visit
the Uniden website ( for troubleshooting and
FAQ information.
so may void your warranty.



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