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Uniden CMX560 Owner's Manual page 17

Professional mobile cb radio
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3. Press MENU to store that setting and move to the next menu
setting or press and hold ENTER to save the setting and exit
Menu mode.
This function changes the contrast level (1 - 10) between the
characters on the LCD and the backlight.
1. Press MENU five times. Contrast displays and the current
contrast level displays and blinks.
2. Press ▲/▼ to change the contrast level. When you change a
level, the screen changes to that level.
3. Press MENU to store that setting and move to the next menu
Exit MENU mode
Press and hold ENTER to exit Menu mode.
During any operation, press and hold ENTER to save your
Save Channels to Memory
You can save up to 8 channels in the CMX560 memory.
1. Press ▲/▼ to find the channel to be saved. Press MEM.
MEM-1 displays. If a channel is saved to that memory slot, it
2. Press ▲/▼ again to select a memory slot to save the channel
in (1 - 8).
3. Press and hold MEM to store the channel in that memory
slot. The channel stored in that memory location displays for
2 seconds and then the LCD display returns to normal. If you
select a memory slot that already has a channel saved to it,
you will overwrite that saved channel with the new channel.
Recall Saved Channels from Memory
1. In normal RX mode, press MEM and then use ▲/▼ to select
a memory channel (1 - 8) to be recalled.
settings and exit Menu mode.



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