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Menu Operation - Uniden CMX560 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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Adjust Noise Limitations (NB/HICUT)
NB (Noise Blanker) detects noise pulses (for example: engine
noises) and attenuates the transceiver for the duration of the
pulse. HICUT attenuates signals higher than a specific threshold.
You can set either NB or HICUT on, or both of them on.
1. Press NB/HICUT (on top of the speaker/microphone) once.
NB on; NB only displays on the LCD.
2. Press NB/HICUT again (twice). HICUT on, NB off; HIC only
displays on the LCD.
3. Press NB/HICUT again (three times). NB and HICUT both on;
both NB and HIC display on the LCD.
Adjust Attenuation (LO/DX)
Press LO/DX to allow automatic RF Gain adjustment for close
1. Press LO/DX. LOCAL displays, indicating that no RF Gain is
2. Press LO/DX again. RF Gain is on to boost weaker signals
and LOCAL goes away.
Set Key Lock
Turning on Key Lock (LOCK key on top of the speaker/
microphone) prevents the keys from operating (except PTT,
volume ▲/▼ , SQL, and POWER).
1. Press and hold LOCK until the key icon displays. Key Lock is
2. Press and hold LOCK until the key icon goes away. Key Lock
is OFF.


Press MENU/ENTER to access the 5 CMX560 menus:
• Memory Scan
• Roger Beep
• Key Beep
• Dimmer
• LCD Contrast



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