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Basic Operations - Uniden CMX560 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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Turn On/Off
The CMX560 remembers its power status when it is turned off
or powered down. For example: if the CMX560 is off when you
disconnect power to the unit (turn off the vehicle), when you
reconnect power (turn on the vehicle) it remembers that it was off
and keeps it in an off state until you power on the radio again.
1. Press and hold POWER to turn the CMX560 on.
2. Press and hold POWER again to turn it off.
1. Press and hold PTT to transmit. TX displays.
Continuous transmission limit is 5 minutes. After 5 minutes,
2. Release PTT to receive. BUSY replaces TX.
Adjust Volume
Press ▲/▼ on the side of the speaker/microphone to turn the
volume up and down. There are 8 volume levels, from 0 (Off) to 7.
Select Channel
Press ▲/▼ to move up or down the channels one at a time. Press
and hold them to move quickly through the channels. The channel
number changes (1 - 40) and the corresponding frequency
If Key Beep is active, the speaker/microphone beeps each
Adjust Squelch
1. Press SQL. RSQ flashes on the screen.
2. Press ▲/▼ to select the remote squelch level (1 - 3).
3. Press ENTER or SQL to store the setting. RSQ goes away.
a transmission error displays.
time the channel changes.



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